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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Design your own dream villa in Spain

Buying a new home can be a daunting experience at the best of times and buying abroad can make the experience even more daunting. Overseas housing market is flooded with wide array of off plan developments, conventional town houses, resale property, villas and a selection of building plots on which we can build your dream home. Every aspiring overseas buyer has a design of their perfect home. Casas de Lorca, Spanish property specialist is offering buyers the chance to have possession of and plan their own exclusive villa in the heart of Spain without the irritation of refurbishing a worn out finca.

Mike Hamilton, sales director of Casas de Lorca, gives us certain tips to designing your own villa in Spain: He has said that there are 3 basic considerations, and they are the location, design or layout and materials.

Choosing the location for your home can immensely influence the feel of the property. Designing the villa around the natural aspects is very important. When choosing homes on a plot with magnificent views, you have a good start for designing your house. Walls of glass and whole windows in the right places make breathtaking views. The layout of the house is enormously important. A good house is split sensibly between the day time and night time areas. Say no to Bedrooms coming off the living room. Casas de Lorca has an expert design team to assist the buyers. Casas de Lorca has literally hundreds of different types of tiles, stone window surrounds, different type of wood for the doors and en suite wardrobes, types of door handles etc.

Casas de Lorca focuses in sourcing the best locations, helping in the best villa designs to maintain a consistency throughout the property and also decorating with best materials. With all three in right proportions buyers will have a property which is a cut above the rest. For more details, visit

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Two Spanish villas worth same as a flat in London

The average capital value of rented houses in London has risen by 10.7% in 2008. This includes 12.4% in central London and 15.5% in the rest of the South East. The recent figures from A Place in the Sun suggest that the average price of a flat in London is worth the same as two Spanish villas.

A characteristic London apartment costs approximately £304,000. This means Londoners have to think about moving abroad to get more for their investment because for the same investment they can get two homes in Spain. For instance, two-bathroom, a three-bedroom villa on the Costa Blanca is priced £146,000 and a one-bedroom apartment in Almeria, costs an average of £163,000.

Even though the cash value of rents received by investors has kept pace with inflation in London, recent study by VillasforTravel suggested owners of tourist accommodation in Spain has collected the highest rental returns in Europe last year. Spain has the most potentially lucrative markets for investors who plan to purchase a rental property. Spain as a "lifestyle destination", rather than a place where people wanted to make a fortune.

Official government figures have revealed that the overall number of holidaymakers in Spain went up by 1.7 per cent to more than 59 million last year. Moreover Spanish government has been encouraging the buy-to-let industry by introducing a number of new financial incentive schemes.