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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Spain offers good value for Driving holidays

Holidaymakers have been advised to take advantage of affordable prices in Spain. Spain emerges as the best value destination for holidaymakers in Europe in a new report by Post Office Travel Services.
British motorists in Spain
The report has revealed that Spain has best value across Europe for both diesel fuel and motoring in a hire car. It is also cheapest in the eurozone for unleaded petrol with £1 per litre. British motorists might be surprised to learn that it's cheaper to fill up in Spain for diesel, at 94p a litre which is the cheapest in Europe and 26% lower than in the UK.

The cost of unleaded petrol rose considerably in all Eurozone countries surveyed over the past 12 months. There is 20 per cent increase in Italy and the UK and nearly 32 per cent in France. The reports also revealed the massive difference in holiday car-hire costs (rental for 3 days and 200 miles' fuel costs) from £122 in Spain to £248 in Greece.

Paul Bradley, spokesperson for the Spanish Property Owners Guild, stated that Spain is especially popular with Brits because there are lots of flights making it very easy to reach. Besides, traveling to Spain is actually less expensive than going to some parts of Britain.

Recently Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) has stated that Spain is currently one of the cheapest places in the Eurozone, as prices are much lower than those in places such as France.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Portuguese lifestyle in Huelva at cheaper Spanish prices

Prospective purchasers looking for property in Portugal may be able to purchase a similar home at a comparatively lower cost if they consider Huelva area in Spain, it has been reported. The area is recently becoming popular with those keen on rural tourism.
Huelva area in Spain
The AndalucĂ­an province of Huelva, shares a border with Portugal, the legacy of which can be seen in the numerous castle ruins in the villages to the north and has 150km of unspoilt coastline. The Costa de la Luz, Often dubbed the "Spanish Algarve" attracts large numbers of holiday makers in the summer months. has reported that the area of Huelva has strikingly similar to the Portuguese Algarve but the property prices are much lower. The website stated that properties in the province start at £38,000.

Huelva also boasts impressive golf courses, gold sands, clean waters, the pine groves and unspoilt, serene surroundings. The Atlantic Ocean on this stretch of coast is cooler than the Mediterranean and is popular with windsurfers and other water sport enthusiasts.

The Foreign Property Buyer website has said that the new airport in the region is good news for property investors as tourism in the area is expected to increase. This would have a positive impact in the local housing market, further boosting its appeal to property investors.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Barcelona -the most romantic city in the world

The government official tourism figures revealed that a total of 59.2 million foreign vacationers have arrived in Spain during 2007 which is itself a 1.7 per cent more than that in 2006. Statistics also show that the Catalonia region - which includes major cities such as Barcelona itself, attracted more than 15.2 million of these tourists.

Ignacio Vasallo of the Turespana Spanish Tourist Board has commented that visitor numbers in 2008 are likely to be comparable and possibly higher than those in 2007. As a result, owners of rental accommodations in Spain and Barcelona in particular could be benefiting from higher returns and occupancy rates.

Foreign holidaymakers who are taking their partners abroad could do well to go to Barcelona. Recent poll by Teletext Holidays revealed that Barcelona as the most romantic city in the world. Nearly half of respondents chosen Barcelona and one in three people opted for Madrid. Barcelona is said to be appealing because it offers a good living standards, a myriad of historic attractions, natural attractions such as good weather and it is famed for its laidback lifestyle.

The tourism revenue of Barcelona had a positive impact on the property prices as a study by found that the average price for property in the city has increased to148 per cent more than the national average.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Spanish holidays are child-friendly

The Typically Spanish website cited government's official data which showed that between January and April, 3.9 million people from the UK visited Spain.

Experts have stated that Families who are heading abroad for holidays could find good value for money in Spain. Spain is said to be a popular choice for families because it is easily accessible from the UK and it offers sunny weather all year round as well as it is a highly affordable place to visit. Callum Gibson, head of Abbey Credit Cards has said that the cost of accommodation in Spain is significantly lower than in Cyprus and Portugal.

This means that though costs are up as a result of the strong euro, they are still much lower than in the UK.

Spanish Property Owners Guild has stated that Holidaymakers can relax during Spanish holidays as the country is very child-friendly. Paul Bradley, of SPOG has said that children can have fun and feel free without fear of anything. He also added that Spaniards are known for their hospitality and their affection for kids is well known.

Nick Jackson, spokesperson for Freedom Direct, commented that Holidays in Spain and the Canary Islands are the unbeatable favourite for families in the summer time. He also predicted that the overall number of British holidaymakers is likely to increase again this year. As a result, rental investors in Spain could be set to witness a surge in occupancy rates and can generate higher returns.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tenerife, Malaga and Alicante the popular Spanish destinations

Spain is continuing to attract holidaymakers and foreign property buyers from the UK. Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield has highlighted the continuing popularity of Spanish destinations and Spain is flagged up as one of the most popular destinations for British investors and lifestyle buyers.

The UK's newest international airport released new figures indicating an increase in passenger traffic to Spanish destinations. Tenerife, Malaga and Alicante are the top three destinations. Due to high frequency of flights the leisure travelers in UK are enjoying easier and more frequent access to the popular Spanish holiday resorts. These are good destinations for overseas property buyers to think about, as this means there are good transport links with Britain and demand for rental accommodation.

Budget airlines easyJet has revealed that Malaga and Alicante are set to attract lots of British tourists after the Easter season.

The total number of passengers to have used the airport to 1.75 million since April 2005 and passenger numbers have increased to 13% from the previous year. David Ryall, managing director of Robin Hood Airport has said that passengers and destinations in Spain are increasing due to high demand.

Spain’s tourism ministry official figures states that 3.3 million people visited Spain till February 2008. The figure is 6.5 per cent more than last year. The increase in numbers suggests that demand for tourist accommodation has also gone up. Therefore, many owners of rental accommodations in Spain will find themselves in line to enjoy higher occupancy rates and better rental yields. In addition, property in key locations could potentially go up in value due to the growth in tourism.

Friday, May 23, 2008

More Newcastle travelers are flying to Spain

British property investor's inquisitiveness in the Spanish market is increased following the launch of new flights from Newcastle.

Budget airlines easyJet is now providing passage between Newcastle and Murcia three times a week. This means that leisure travelers and property investors in Newcastle can enjoy easier and more frequent access to the Spain. The easy accessibility have "greatly widened" the network of travel for people who live nearby. As a result, it expects to carry about 41,000 passengers on this route during its first 12 months - a development which suggests demand for rental accommodation in Murcia could increase over this period.

David Osborne, easyJet UK General Manager has commented that Murcia has already established itself as a popular tourist destination from other easyJet bases in the UK and now independent travelers from the North-East will benefit from the new service from the Newcastle base.

Spanish Property Owners Guild has recently said that Spain has a number of attractions which are very tempting to British people which includes its fantastic year round climate, easy accessibility from the UK and affordability. The Post Office has recently revealed that Spain is actually the cheapest place to holiday within the Eurozone.

The introduction of new flights between Britain and Spain could be a positive development for potential purchasers of rental property overseas, especially since visitor numbers are expected to increase.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Spanish beaches getting make over

Tim Hodges, director for property company Homesearch in Spain has said that regardless of recent doubts of a housing market crash, Spain still signifies a good market for long-term investment. HIFX has reported that Spain is seen by many as the ultimate retirement choice for its enviable climate, good healthcare system and its reputation for a relaxed lifestyle.

Expatica, Europe's leading lifestyle portal has reported that Spain's renowned coastline is being steadily revamped as according to tourism statistics 30% of tourist visit Spain for its fabulous beaches. The illegally built homes and beach bars, unnecessary jetties and industrial buildings are demolished. Spanish law states that beaches are considered public property and construction is banned within 100 meters of the coast, but the law is often defied by construction companies.

The Coasts Authority in the Ministry for the Environment has commissioned a report into coastal planning from Punta Carnero in the province of Cadiz to Almeria, carried out by the Alatec Consultancy, in which illegal construction on the Malaga coastline is analyzed.
Jose Fernandez, the head of the department, said that 12 of the demolitions were in the Almeria province, with nine in Murcia.

The construction along the most delicate parts of coastlines which have been blighted by property developments since mass tourism first arrived in Spain are monitored closely. The plan is an effort to save some of the most beautiful coastlines from further developments. Experts suggest that the makeover will add value to existing properties and also it would be aesthetically pleasing.

These areas be planned all over again, and this will be the chance to do it in a balanced way, taking the environment into account much more than before. The Spanish government is also acquiring a number of properties as part of its campaign to save its world famous beaches. Spain's sunny climate, fabulous beaches and welcoming people has attracted more immigrants than any other country in Europe

This comes after the Spanish newspaper SUR revealed that Spain generated huge interest during the recent Homebuyers and Property Investors show in London.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Welsh tourists to Spain are on the rise

Spain looks set to attract more visitors from Wales this summer after the country is opened up by new flights. bmibaby has announced another new route from Cardiff International Airport to Barcelona and it will start on 24th May 2008 with weekly 2 service operating on Tuesday and Saturday and from June the service will increase to three times, with an additional service on Wednesday.

Crawford Rix, managing director, bmibaby has said that the new services are launched due to the unprecedented demand for low fare flights. This announcement comes shortly after Ryanair revealed that it is to offer new services from Edinburgh to Palma and Malaga. This will help attract investment and improve connectivity to Wales and Spain.

Rental accommodations in Spain could be set to witness a surge in occupancy rates after the country is opened up by these new flights and will generate higher returns for property owners. This could be a lucrative investment for investors who are looking at purchasing a rental property overseas, especially since visitor numbers are steadily increasing. Holiday-Rentals findings have revealed that almost a third of European properties owned by UK-based buyers are in located in Spain.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority, passenger numbers on flights between the UK and Spain went up by 600,000 in 2007.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Brits visiting Spain increases despite weak pound

Ignacio Vasallo of the Turespana Spanish Tourist Board has revealed that tourists in 2008 are likely to be comparable and possibly more than those in 2007. The fall of the pound against the euro did not have any impact in the number of British tourists in Spain.

Recent poll by, Spain is the top destination for British families who are heading abroad this year. This is despite the fact that many consumers are experiencing financial constraints as a result of the credit crunch and weak pound.
Spanish holiday homes
In fact, majority of respondents said they are not going to be put off Spain holiday for the continuing economic crisis. Ignacio Vasallo further said that this is due to the fact that the regular economic growth for British consumers over the last decade, which means they have sufficient reserves to handle existing financial problems. The credit crunch won't dissuade them from going on holiday this year. As Denise Roberts of has said that British Families are increasingly seeing the family holiday break as a requirement rather than a luxury.

Spain is currently considered to be the cheapest country in the Eurozone and according to the Post Office; the cost of general expenses is comparatively lower than in places like France and it is nearly 15% lower than that of France. Helen Warburton, of Post Office, observed that people will be looking to visit countries like Spain where a lower cost of living will offer them more for their pound.

Official government figures say the overall number of holidaymakers in Spain increased by 1.7 per cent to more than 59 million when compared to last year.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Investors to benefit from new flights revealed that investors are excited about the Spanish property market as people they are set to benefit from the launch of additional cheap flights to Spain and access to certain regions of Spain which was previously considered remote by investors has been vastly improved by launch of new flights by certain carriers.

Louise Hall, director of said that savvy property investors from UK are keeping a watchful eye on where the main low cost carriers are flying to next. And rightly so; the launch of low cost airlines has opened up previously inaccessible areas of Spain for holiday makers and investors alike.

She said that Barcelona and the Costa Brava region are hot favourites for UK buyers in recent years. In Murcia the provision of airport facilities is further complemented by the improvements to local infrastructure. Property market in Mallorca region is also growing to sublime heights.

British Airways will launch new air routes by the end of March from London city and Heathrow, Gatwick including destinations to Malaga, Alicante and Ibiza.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Almeria, A Spanish Haven

Almeria, Spain is one of the wonders near Mediterranean Sea. This area is famous for its magnificent beaches which have been noted as the best in the whole country. The Spanish Institute for Quality Tourism gave the citation to Los Muertos in Carboneras, Almeria. This is news is welcomed by the owners of properties in the area for it will push up the prevailing prices of real estate in the locality.

Almeria Spain
The municipality of Carboneras in Almeria is not just a place bestowed with beautiful beaches but it is also boast of its historical significance. Monuments dating back to the 16th century are existent like that of the San Andres Castle. It is also a treasure trove of ecological wonders with the Cabo de Gata Natural Park. One of the best feature still is approximately 17 kilometers coastline which includes the highly awarded beach, El Ancon, a regular recipient of the EEC flag.

The top draw is, of, course Los Muertos, an isolated beach frequented by nudists. This place is accessible only by boat or on foot. Other than the recognition from Madrid’s International Exhibition for Tourism, this stretch of beach is in the five best in the world. The tranquil atmosphere of the area is conducive to relaxation. It is also a great place to unwind and have a respite from a stressful and busy lifestyle.

People who visit the place can stay in several guesthouses available in the locality. As such, it is a good place to invest especially for properties which can be rented out to holidaymakers.