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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Terrazas Costa del Sol - Apartments

The main features of the leaseback property are the purchaser buy the freehold of a fully equipped property on outright basis and then lease it back to a management company for renewable periods. Investors receive assured rental return, irrespective of tenancy, at a fixed amount annually, which often offsets the cost of investor's mortgage payments, if any. The rental return is net of all running and maintenance costs as these are covered by the management for an initial fee excluding property tax.

Terrazas Costa del Sol

Investors don't have to worry about day-to-day tasks such as searching for a rental agent, paying insurance and utilities or dealing with maintenance issues.

Meanwhile investors can even use their property for vacation for agreed periods of time any time in the year, an option normally not available with other leaseback developments. This is an excellent opportunity for a long term investment that offers free personal usage as well.

Rental - 4.5% index linked guaranteed annual rent or 5% constant
1 Bed apartment starts from €195.000, 2 starts Bed from €220.000, 3 Beds from €375.000

Construction end date: 3rd quarter 2008, Lease 10 years, and property tax €300 p.a.

The village of Terrazas Costa del Sol offers the security of a leaseback investment and the attractions of a holiday resort. The resort will boast of 328 apartments separated into 16 buildings which include reception, car parking, swimming pool with play area for children, and other leisure areas for families as well as a restaurant and bar for wine buffs.

Walking distance from sandy beaches, proximity to golf courses, polo fields and marinas all make the area perfect holiday destination for tourists from all over Europe.

Apartments boast different architectural styles of typical Andalusia village which mingle with trees and plants producing a rich blend of colours and aromas. It provides a remarkable vantage point for magnificent views across the Mediterranean Sea.

Price (Sale): From € 195,000 (EUR) / £ 147,732 (GBP)