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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Investors of cyclical Spanish market cannot lose-out

Paul Collins, property editor at BuyAssociation, said that conditions for overseas property investors in Spain should improve in the future as it tends to go in cycles.

Terry Walker from stated that only the coastal parts of the country have become oversaturated in recent years such as the Costa del Sol along the coast, other areas have not yet been tapped into. Many investors are looking to buy a residence further inland and they could snap up potential bargains before mass tourism increases prices in these regions.

Mr. Walker further said that 'real' Spain with welcoming villages and bargain properties still exist and in this "long-established market" property investors cannot possibly "lose out". The Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP) stated that in times of global economic crisis, established locations like Spain remain popular with foreign investors.

Travel writer Stephen Morgan praised the country, describing it as a "lifestyle destination" as it offered many benefits to overseas investors such as good climate, beaches and attractive scenery. This marks a sharp contrast with many emerging markets across the world, as many of them are considered as pure investment spots rather than places to enjoy the change in lifestyle.
According to the Spanish Property Owners Guild (Spog), the downturn in Spanish housing market is ideal for those who want a property for personal use. The drop-off in housing prices as vendors wants to sell their stocks means that buyers may be able to purchase a house at a bargain price. Property experts believe the market will pick up again as it is cyclical and lead to resurgence in property values.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Investors take advantage of lower property prices in Spain

Foreign investors who are considering buying property in Spain have been advised that bargains can still be found as they can now get more with for their Euros as the average property price has dropped 3.6 per cent from this time last year. The portal recommended that this is the perfect time to buy in Spain.

Foreign currency exchange specialists Moneycorp has said that investors can cash in on the lower property prices in Spain. People who are making stage payments, for instance, can still get half of their necessary Euros now and half at a future date, after the position for the exchange rate becomes clearer. Investors of residential homes can withdraw equity and profit from cheaper Euro mortgage deals; they take advantage of the situation by converting them into Pounds. Potential investors of properties in Spain can opt for 'forward contract' and can pay a percentage deposit and for payment at a later date they can also fix an exchange rate for the balance funds.

One Mortgage website has recently reported that Spain is one of the "big names" in the world property market and has long-standing appeal for investors and lifestyle buyers. The strong euro has not dented the appeal of Spain. The Post Office recently revealed that Spain is in fact the cheapest country in the eurozone at the moment even if the pound is at a record low against the euro.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tenerife, Malaga and Alicante the popular Spanish destinations

Spain is continuing to attract holidaymakers and foreign property buyers from the UK. Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield has highlighted the continuing popularity of Spanish destinations and Spain is flagged up as one of the most popular destinations for British investors and lifestyle buyers.

The UK's newest international airport released new figures indicating an increase in passenger traffic to Spanish destinations. Tenerife, Malaga and Alicante are the top three destinations. Due to high frequency of flights the leisure travelers in UK are enjoying easier and more frequent access to the popular Spanish holiday resorts. These are good destinations for overseas property buyers to think about, as this means there are good transport links with Britain and demand for rental accommodation.

Budget airlines easyJet has revealed that Malaga and Alicante are set to attract lots of British tourists after the Easter season.

The total number of passengers to have used the airport to 1.75 million since April 2005 and passenger numbers have increased to 13% from the previous year. David Ryall, managing director of Robin Hood Airport has said that passengers and destinations in Spain are increasing due to high demand.

Spain’s tourism ministry official figures states that 3.3 million people visited Spain till February 2008. The figure is 6.5 per cent more than last year. The increase in numbers suggests that demand for tourist accommodation has also gone up. Therefore, many owners of rental accommodations in Spain will find themselves in line to enjoy higher occupancy rates and better rental yields. In addition, property in key locations could potentially go up in value due to the growth in tourism.

Monday, May 26, 2008

UK property slowdown increases demand for Spain property

The slowdown in the UK housing market means that purchasers are increasingly looking for property in Spain.

Terry Walker, chief executive of, explained that UK purchasers are increasingly realizing that property in Spain is of exceptionally good value at the moment. He added that investors might find it easier to get mortgage in Spain than they would in the UK and also Spanish property was relatively easy to sell.

He has commented that British purchasers clearly identify the bargain and also the state of the UK economy is having an unforeseen effect. British purchasers are already familiar with Spanish property market and they know the bargain areas.

He added that The Bank of Spain has claimed that they have a surplus and sufficient money to fund credit demand. On the contrary, the Bank of England does not have surplus money. This means that mortgage availability for property investors is better than in the UK.

Friday, May 16, 2008

New research reveals Spain as Top Retirement Destination

The TypicallySpanish website revealed the official figures from the National Statistics Institute that more than 4 million expatriates now legally reside in the country full-time. According to the official statistics, nearly two-thirds of expats are based in Madrid, Valencia, Catalonia and Andalusia.

Spain - retirment destination

About four in ten people are said to come from countries in the European Union.
More than 2 lakh people from the UK are found now to be living in Spain. On the other hand, one in three expatriates is from Latin America, while a fifth of foreign residents are from Africa.

Recent study by Currencies Direct has showed that Spain is the most popular destination for Britons who want to retire to the sun. Mark O'Sullivan of Currencies Direct commented on Spain's popularity saying that the country has a lot to offer, including a plenty of expat communities.

The popularity of Spain as a retirement location is said to be largely because it offers several lifestyle attractions that are extremely favorable to a relaxing and pleasant retirement particularly it offers hot and sunny weather for most of the year, unlike the UK. Besides, it highlighted for its high living standards in relatively low cost of living and for its laidback lifestyle.
Analysts at has stated that Spain is also highly accessible from the UK, thereby allowing retirees to stay in easy reach of friends and family back home.

This comes after the recent research by NatWest which found that Spain is rated particularly highly by expatriates, with nearly nine out of ten respondents saying that they feel healthier after the relocation.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Research Reveals Spain popular with UK investors

Recent study published by reveals that the Spain is continuing to attract British investors and holidaymakers and the most searched overseas property destinations by UK internet users despite ongoing economic concerns.

The data was taken from the Wordtracker UK database till 6th May and they studied the most popular 200,000 searches containing the word "property" till 6th May 2008. The research confirmed that the properties in Spain are the unbeatable favourite for British investors.

Properties in Spain are top of the list and it accounted for over 10% of total searches, and the list is sprinkled with several Spanish towns and coastal names. Obviously locations of Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol are the most popular regions; the attractiveness of the Canary Islands is also a most attention-grabbing finding of this research. There is significant search volume even at local level with Lanzarote, Tenerife, Caleta de Fuste all making the top 100.

This was said to be largely because Spain offers numerous lifestyle attractions that are highly conducive to a relaxing environment, hot and sunny weather for most of the year, unlike the UK, high living standards and the reasonable price of goods and services. has reported that Spain is famed for its laidback lifestyle and relatively low cost of living.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Spanish beaches getting make over

Tim Hodges, director for property company Homesearch in Spain has said that regardless of recent doubts of a housing market crash, Spain still signifies a good market for long-term investment. HIFX has reported that Spain is seen by many as the ultimate retirement choice for its enviable climate, good healthcare system and its reputation for a relaxed lifestyle.

Expatica, Europe's leading lifestyle portal has reported that Spain's renowned coastline is being steadily revamped as according to tourism statistics 30% of tourist visit Spain for its fabulous beaches. The illegally built homes and beach bars, unnecessary jetties and industrial buildings are demolished. Spanish law states that beaches are considered public property and construction is banned within 100 meters of the coast, but the law is often defied by construction companies.

The Coasts Authority in the Ministry for the Environment has commissioned a report into coastal planning from Punta Carnero in the province of Cadiz to Almeria, carried out by the Alatec Consultancy, in which illegal construction on the Malaga coastline is analyzed.
Jose Fernandez, the head of the department, said that 12 of the demolitions were in the Almeria province, with nine in Murcia.

The construction along the most delicate parts of coastlines which have been blighted by property developments since mass tourism first arrived in Spain are monitored closely. The plan is an effort to save some of the most beautiful coastlines from further developments. Experts suggest that the makeover will add value to existing properties and also it would be aesthetically pleasing.

These areas be planned all over again, and this will be the chance to do it in a balanced way, taking the environment into account much more than before. The Spanish government is also acquiring a number of properties as part of its campaign to save its world famous beaches. Spain's sunny climate, fabulous beaches and welcoming people has attracted more immigrants than any other country in Europe

This comes after the Spanish newspaper SUR revealed that Spain generated huge interest during the recent Homebuyers and Property Investors show in London.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Property purchase in Spain is easier than UK

According to the data from Halifax society, Spain has witnessed the strongest gains in terms of property price increase percentages and the average value of a home has doubled. This is due to the consistent demand for property in Spain. A new research by SPC Overseas revealed that property purchase in Spain is easier than buying a house in the UK.

Property developer Lar Sol reports show that Britons purchasing a house on the Costa’s find it more comfortable than buying in the UK. Lar Sol international sales coordinator Katy Katani said that the exceptional demand for property outstrips supply and continues to propel Spain’s economy. The consistent demand for property in Spain, fresh supply of external demand annually and the great likelihood of property owners to reinvest their properties in Spain makes the residential real estate market more active.

Katy Katani further said that the several significant steps are taken by the government by introducing cuts in income tax and corporate tax, by planning to reduce the number of tax bands on Spanish property and to eradicate income taxes on mortgages. The real estate in Spain has remained upbeat despite European Central Bank increased interest rates in 2007.

She also confirmed that Britons like to buy from other Britons who have properties in Spain which make property purchase easier for Britons and that, as Spain has long been a favourite destination for holidaymakers, retirees and investors from the UK, they are creating a network of potential clients.

Recent survey by Clerical Medical Investment Group found that one in three Britons are planning a retirement abroad with the vast majority planning on relocating to Spain.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Why Spanish properties still remain so popular?

Spain is to receive a £65 million to enhance 17 different wine routes and other things. Principal International says that this financial boost and immense interest Spanish property market is able to generate among overseas investors makes Spanish government looking for ways to retain the top spot. Spain remains the destination of choice for those searching for a home overseas and for property investors alike.

Spain has a long and noble tradition of wine-making. New technology, innovative ideas from gifted winemakers and broad spectrum of quality wines represent excellent value for money. Sarah Heywood, Principal International, says that this in one of the main factors amongst other things which makes Spain a popular choice among investors. There is old Spanish adage "vino, sol y aire, y seras rico como nadie" and that means with wine, sun and fresh air; you'll be the richest man alive. Spain is the third largest producer of wine in the world.

Spain is easily accessible by air and a number of international flights fly to Spain regularly. A flight from London to Malaga, which is on the southern coast of Spain, takes only a couple of hours and is not very expensive. You can either fly by budget airlines or choose to travel on any of the chartered flights. Over and above Spanish government has recently announced a plan to expand transport network in several provinces and it is based on the London Underground system. Principal International says they are confident that the Spanish property market will continue to surge upwards.

Ryanair, one of the World's most successful low-cost airlines have recently announced plans to increase its routes which includes the north of the UK to Alicante and the Bournemouth to San Javier route. Ryanair already flies passengers to 14 Spanish destinations from various airports in Britain, Ireland and other European countries. Aer Lingus also announces new routes from Ireland to parts of Spain

Spain is a very stable property and tourist market adds to which the 'wine and dine' in Spain is an unforgettable experience and that makes Spanish property more desirable for overseas property investors.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spanish slopes ideal for investment

Spain has an excellent climate and lifestyle and easily accessible from British Isles so it's easy to see why thousands of people buy property in Spain each year. Property in Spain is a safe long term investment which can offer you high capital appreciation and good rental yields for overseas investors. With prices as low as €120k for a 2 bed apt on ski resorts, buying property in Spain is more affordable than one might think. Spanish ski resorts and chalets are now gaining more recognition among property investors, compared to many other European countries.

Baqueira-Beret ski resort
Baqueira-Beret, Spain's largest ski resort founded in 1964, offers plenty of terrain, and a singular cross-cultural experience as it is found in between France and Spain. It's located in the Val d'ArĂ¡n valley. After Victoria beckham was pictured here it became popular among brits. Spanish royal family also owns a chalet in Baqueira-beret. The property here is cheaper with high rental returns.

 Sierra Nevada ski resort
The Sierra Nevada ski resort is the most attractive to Brits as there are opportunities for year-round rentals. The resort is only 32 kilometers from Granada .The resort is growing in popularity every year; over the last years there is increase in number of British due to the introduction of direct flights to Granada. The guaranteed sunshine, some of the best spring conditions in Europe, a long season and the fact that it is reasonably well priced has gone well with British investors

Resorts in Alpujarras, Lecrin Valley are also in the pipeline. Three-bed apartment for €120 k is a reality in this area and there is a growing expat community in this area. The Use of property throughout the summer for rental returns all round the year increases the influx of investors.

Costa Verde in the north of Spain is also an emerging property hotspot. . It is surrounded by the pristine beaches, sandy coastline and interesting architecture. Next to this you can enjoy the waters of the Cantabrian Sea. Property in Costa Verde can be a great choice, because it's not yet overwhelmed by tourists so investors can get it cheaper. Costa Verde is characterized by mild winters and a temperate climate and has high potential to develop as tourist spot as visitors are increasing every year and an ideal place for year round rentals.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Spanish properties up for grabs

The Spanish real property market is still lucrative and appealing despite the bad press that it has generated recently. The market value of a number of properties is down and it can be acquired at cheaper prices. For that reason alone, investors are assured of good buys.

But investors should decide wisely on which property to purchase. Indiscriminate buying should be avoided. One should make sure that the property is located in areas which will assure them of a good return of investment. This might include Murcia which has just recently opened an international airport. This develop will help boost the market value of the surrounding properties.

One should also choose properties which will assure them of income for a longer time in a year. This way dependence on holiday makers is avoided. An example of this is properties in towns where universities abound. Properties can be rented out to students in the local universities. An investor should look at the long term benefits rather quick income.

A number of people from UK can surely afford such properties. Listings of Spanish properties on the market may be seen at websites like Homes whose mortgages have been foreclosed or those which are to be sold urgently are found in this listing.

Good deals may be had if one acquires the properties when the prices are down and at present there are some which are 30-60% below the value set by the banks. This bargain properties are purchased soon after it is listed in the site.

For bargain Spanish properties, it is suggested that an investor choose with care but buy in haste.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Spanish Law Distresses Property Owners

Spain's efforts to conserve its coastal environment have created diverse reactions from various sectors of the society. Environmentalists lauded the efforts of the government but it has caused undue distress to property owners near the coastline.

The policy, 1988 Coastal Law, requires properties in the proximity of the shores constructed after 1988 to be demolished since it bestows the government. This has encountered much opposition for it encroach numerous privately-owned homes and real estate agencies as well as home owners feel that this has gone too far. Owners of the coastal properties have banded together to dispute the order. It is even feared that legal actions might reach the European Court of Human rights and would prove to be expensive.

It is the contention of most sectors that the said law should not have any retroactive effect. It is said that the law is liable to subjective interpretations due to the ambiguity of its provisions. It is even believed that compensations are not even offered as part of the deal. The grievance will still be brought to the appropriate agencies for resolution and if no satisfactory action is done, then formal charges will be lodged with the European Union versus the Kingdom of Spain.

This is a major issue of concern for those who have properties in Spain but it should not be a cause of panic. Instead, it is recommended that property owners should seek legal advice to make sure that their possessions will not be affected and that all the legalities have been satisfactorily complied.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Get good deals on Spanish Properties

Spanish property owners are in a quandary over the decreasing prices of real estates. This can be traced to several factors including the policies set by the government regarding restrictions on the infrastructures near the coastlines. The negative publicity from the media has also exacerbated the situation which has lead to the closure of some agencies and the lowering of the prices.

There is also the fact that there are many properties built in some locations and that most of those were very similar in appearance which furthered decreased its value. Those who were direly affected were those who purchased the properties when it had a higher market value. Even the prices of villas are on a downhill even if it is not as numerous as apartments. But since the permits for the construction of villas and other detached properties are being limited, there is the big possibility of its value going up in the near future.

This does not mean though that the real estate market in not profitable. It still is. The only thing is that the investor must choose carefully on which to put place his money. He must check all the legalities to ensure that it has complied with all requirements. A tidy revenue can be made if one invests now that properties are at a cheaper price.

It has to be remembered, too, Spain is still a top contender in the real estate business. It is accessible to United Kingdom and if a notable real estate company makes representation, then the legalities are usually attended by them. It is projected that there will be an upsurge in the value in the next two years.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Market Potentials of Spain

Spain used to be a prime location for the real property market but is said to be a dwindling industry. That contention is still debatable. Though there are emerging markets in other countries, investment in this historic country can still prove to be profitable.

A prospective investor has just to be very discriminating when it comes to the properties that they choose to purchase. Gone are the days when buyers would randomly acquire lots along the coastline in the hope of getting quick revenue. The trend is now changing. Long term investments are recommended. Spain has demonstrated a steady increase in the prices of houses at approximately 3.95% in the last four decades trailing behind UK. So an acquisition now will have a much higher return of investment after a few years.

One has to weigh the potentials of the location which are being considered. In Spain, one location worthy of deliberation is Murcia. The fact that a new international airport has just become operational means that the prices of the properties in the surrounding areas are going to soar in the near future. Another would be those where universities are located and where the buy-to-let are options available for students.

Time is also of essence. Enough time should be given in looking for a real property to get. One should not be too hasty and should check a lot of options before finally deciding on a certain lot. Investing in Spanish properties now will prove to be lucrative in a few years time.

Investing wisely in Spain calls for proper timing, choice location, and the willingness to wait for the not so rapid but steady rise of prices of real properties.