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Monday, April 14, 2008

New flights boost property investment in Murcia

The introduction of new flights and the plans to double the size of Murcia airport and turn it into a major international hub is fantastic news for overseas property buyers. Monarch Airlines has just launched operating services to San Javier International Airport, Murcia from Manchester Airport in the UK.

The introduction of flights means increased accessibility of the area to property purchasers from north-west of England and this could make it more attractive to home buyers as more people from the UK are buying properties in Murcia in recent times. Murcia is considered to be a very safe investment. Property prices are pretty much guaranteed to remain steady due to the fact there is limited land available for new construction.

The low-cost carrier in their press release has said that flights to Murcia have been in strong demand which implies that tourism is set to boom in this region. The launch of new flights is due to the direct response to requests from the customers. This would result in the demand for rental accommodations.

Liz Savage, managing director of has said that this has already become a phenomenal success as the first flight is fully booked and over 20,000 bookings are taken already. Paul Collins of BuyAssociation website has recommended Murcia as an emerging market with great potential for property investment.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Investors to benefit from new flights revealed that investors are excited about the Spanish property market as people they are set to benefit from the launch of additional cheap flights to Spain and access to certain regions of Spain which was previously considered remote by investors has been vastly improved by launch of new flights by certain carriers.

Louise Hall, director of said that savvy property investors from UK are keeping a watchful eye on where the main low cost carriers are flying to next. And rightly so; the launch of low cost airlines has opened up previously inaccessible areas of Spain for holiday makers and investors alike.

She said that Barcelona and the Costa Brava region are hot favourites for UK buyers in recent years. In Murcia the provision of airport facilities is further complemented by the improvements to local infrastructure. Property market in Mallorca region is also growing to sublime heights.

British Airways will launch new air routes by the end of March from London city and Heathrow, Gatwick including destinations to Malaga, Alicante and Ibiza.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Diverse Markets for British Investors

British nationals have been migrating to some other countries for some time. Some move to another for employment purposed while others prefer to spend their retirement years in a more leisurely manner. Different packages are presented to these migrants from UK. They are made to choose from two diverse lifestyles in Spain.

There are Britons who would rather mingle with countrymen and other English-speaking expats. Thus, a market has been prepared primarily to suit their needs. Properties for such like minded people are listed by real estate agencies in Spain and most of them are found in the coastal areas. Usually there are golf courses nearby which add to the attraction of these locations.

There also those who would like to experience the Spanish culture to the fullest and have immersed themselves in communities where most of the residents are local people. These communities are usually found farther away from the coast and provide first hand exposure as to how the Spanish people live their lives. British migrants are actual participants in the social dynamics of the place.

At present, one of the most highly recommended location for an investment in real property is the Province of Murcia in Spain. One of the main reasons why this location is deemed to be an "in" place for the acquisition of properties is the recently opened international airport. The other reason is that Murcia tops the real property market with an increase of 10.7% per year. This indicates that even if the prices are down in other parts of Spain, Murcia enjoys a steady increase in prices.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Why do British Move to Spain?

A large percentage of British nationals have expressed their desire to migrate to the beautiful and warm Spain. There are actually numerous people in Spain who have transferred from the United Kingdom. This migration trend can be attributed to several reasons.

The first reason is the proximity between the two countries. It will be easier to go back and forth if necessary. The travel will also be less costly which makes visits to and from family and friends more affordable.
Murcia Spain

The next reason is the strength of the British currency compared with that of Spain. This means that a paltry amount in UK will be considered substantial if converted to Spanish pesos. People living on a tight budget in UK will be more financially endowed in Spain.

Next is the rising house price. Real properties in UK are getting to be more costly thus the advent to Spain. The country has an abundance of properties up for sale. A wise choice will prove to be lucrative in a few years time. The prices of houses and other properties in Spain are steadily rising so an investment now will earn a tidy revenue in a few years time.

Real properties worth considering are those found in places where there are new development like in Murcia with the opening of its international airport. University towns are also good choices for it caters to the student sector who will lease the houses for a longer duration compared with seasonal holidaymakers.

The last reason are for employment purposes. Job posts are available for British expats who would like to explore a new working environment.