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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Spain offers good value for Driving holidays

Holidaymakers have been advised to take advantage of affordable prices in Spain. Spain emerges as the best value destination for holidaymakers in Europe in a new report by Post Office Travel Services.
British motorists in Spain
The report has revealed that Spain has best value across Europe for both diesel fuel and motoring in a hire car. It is also cheapest in the eurozone for unleaded petrol with £1 per litre. British motorists might be surprised to learn that it's cheaper to fill up in Spain for diesel, at 94p a litre which is the cheapest in Europe and 26% lower than in the UK.

The cost of unleaded petrol rose considerably in all Eurozone countries surveyed over the past 12 months. There is 20 per cent increase in Italy and the UK and nearly 32 per cent in France. The reports also revealed the massive difference in holiday car-hire costs (rental for 3 days and 200 miles' fuel costs) from £122 in Spain to £248 in Greece.

Paul Bradley, spokesperson for the Spanish Property Owners Guild, stated that Spain is especially popular with Brits because there are lots of flights making it very easy to reach. Besides, traveling to Spain is actually less expensive than going to some parts of Britain.

Recently Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) has stated that Spain is currently one of the cheapest places in the Eurozone, as prices are much lower than those in places such as France.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Spanish holidays are child-friendly

The Typically Spanish website cited government's official data which showed that between January and April, 3.9 million people from the UK visited Spain.

Experts have stated that Families who are heading abroad for holidays could find good value for money in Spain. Spain is said to be a popular choice for families because it is easily accessible from the UK and it offers sunny weather all year round as well as it is a highly affordable place to visit. Callum Gibson, head of Abbey Credit Cards has said that the cost of accommodation in Spain is significantly lower than in Cyprus and Portugal.

This means that though costs are up as a result of the strong euro, they are still much lower than in the UK.

Spanish Property Owners Guild has stated that Holidaymakers can relax during Spanish holidays as the country is very child-friendly. Paul Bradley, of SPOG has said that children can have fun and feel free without fear of anything. He also added that Spaniards are known for their hospitality and their affection for kids is well known.

Nick Jackson, spokesperson for Freedom Direct, commented that Holidays in Spain and the Canary Islands are the unbeatable favourite for families in the summer time. He also predicted that the overall number of British holidaymakers is likely to increase again this year. As a result, rental investors in Spain could be set to witness a surge in occupancy rates and can generate higher returns.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Off season to be highly lucrative for rental investors in Spain

Owners of rental accommodation in Spain could be set to see high demand during the off-season this year. has said that vacationers could potentially save money if they go abroad during the so-called shoulder season, period between peak and off-peak period. Francesca Ecsery, general manager of has said that if travelers really want to get more for their money, they need to consider the timing of the travel.

Brit's still wanted to go abroad holidaying this year, albeit they are facing financial constraints such as an increased cost of living. has stated that if people are going to Spain in off- peak season prices could be lower. Rick Green, chief executive of Flyglobespan has commented that evading the freezing weather is no longer a luxury that only the rich can experience as many budget airlines operates weekly flights to Spain and tourists from the UK can snap up bargain trips to Spain in off season. Many rental investors in Spain are likely to find the approaching off season to be highly lucrative.

According to Abbey Credit Cards, the cost of rental accommodation in Spain is significantly lower than rentals in Cyprus and Portugal. Additionally, the cost of living in Spain will be higher for Britons this summer as the pound has slumped to a record low against the Euro. Experts recommend Shoulder season to be a smart time to travel, as it means vacationers can escape the bustling crowds and benefit from a comforting break.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Spain attracts Irish sun seekers

Spain is continuing to attract holidaymakers from British Isles in spite of ongoing economic concerns, experts have revealed.

Freedom Direct, Online travel agency reported that tourists from the British Isles are continuing to grab bargain trips to places such as the Spanish Costas. Nick Jackson, spokesperson for Freedom Direct, has said that Holidays in Spain is the invincible favourite for families in the summer time.
Spanish holidays
Recently Aer Arann launched new jet services to the destinations of Malaga and Faro from Galway and Waterford airports last weekend. These new Aer Arann routes offers vacationers and property investors with the handiness of straight services between the South East and Western regions of Ireland to the summer sun destinations of Spain.

Garry Cullen, Managing Director, Aer Arann has said that Spain is popular destinations for Irish tourists. Aer Arann's flights to Malaga and Faro have proven very popular, as the first flights over the May Bank holiday weekend were full. Experts predict that the overall number of holidaymakers from British Isles is likely to increase again this year.

According to the recent press release from budget airline easy Jet, flights to Alicante have been in particularly high demand, along with Malaga. Also, it revealed that many people are planning to take city breaks to Barcelona in the next few days. This suggests that for investors who plan to purchase a rental property in Spain could be potentially lucrative.

Official government figures have revealed that the overall number of holidaymakers in Spain went up by 1.7 per cent to more than 59 million last year.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Two Spanish villas worth same as a flat in London

The average capital value of rented houses in London has risen by 10.7% in 2008. This includes 12.4% in central London and 15.5% in the rest of the South East. The recent figures from A Place in the Sun suggest that the average price of a flat in London is worth the same as two Spanish villas.

A characteristic London apartment costs approximately £304,000. This means Londoners have to think about moving abroad to get more for their investment because for the same investment they can get two homes in Spain. For instance, two-bathroom, a three-bedroom villa on the Costa Blanca is priced £146,000 and a one-bedroom apartment in Almeria, costs an average of £163,000.

Even though the cash value of rents received by investors has kept pace with inflation in London, recent study by VillasforTravel suggested owners of tourist accommodation in Spain has collected the highest rental returns in Europe last year. Spain has the most potentially lucrative markets for investors who plan to purchase a rental property. Spain as a "lifestyle destination", rather than a place where people wanted to make a fortune.

Official government figures have revealed that the overall number of holidaymakers in Spain went up by 1.7 per cent to more than 59 million last year. Moreover Spanish government has been encouraging the buy-to-let industry by introducing a number of new financial incentive schemes.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Welsh tourists to Spain are on the rise

Spain looks set to attract more visitors from Wales this summer after the country is opened up by new flights. bmibaby has announced another new route from Cardiff International Airport to Barcelona and it will start on 24th May 2008 with weekly 2 service operating on Tuesday and Saturday and from June the service will increase to three times, with an additional service on Wednesday.

Crawford Rix, managing director, bmibaby has said that the new services are launched due to the unprecedented demand for low fare flights. This announcement comes shortly after Ryanair revealed that it is to offer new services from Edinburgh to Palma and Malaga. This will help attract investment and improve connectivity to Wales and Spain.

Rental accommodations in Spain could be set to witness a surge in occupancy rates after the country is opened up by these new flights and will generate higher returns for property owners. This could be a lucrative investment for investors who are looking at purchasing a rental property overseas, especially since visitor numbers are steadily increasing. Holiday-Rentals findings have revealed that almost a third of European properties owned by UK-based buyers are in located in Spain.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority, passenger numbers on flights between the UK and Spain went up by 600,000 in 2007.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Buy-to-Let investors should look to the future

Investors in buy-to-let accommodation, irrespective of the recent dip has got encouraging news recently as Homes worldwide reports have said according to a study by VillasforTravel, owners of tourist accommodation in Spain have collected the highest rental returns in Europe in 2007.

Sun has reported that overseas property purchasers need to have a vision about the happenings in their chosen location in the next few years. The supply and demand ratio in a certain place could decide the all-purpose success of any investment. For instance, rental property nearby a place with a large number of available residences is less likely to appreciate in value. But a house in a limited supply area would have high capital appreciation provided other important factors are satisfied.

Recent enquiries in website suggest that Short Term Holiday lets in Spain have high returns potential with well-chosen properties in good locations than your investment than long term letting. Most experts predict that an occupancy level of around 15 weeks per year is enough to provide ample income to cover the payments on a typical 20 year 70% mortgage and maintenance costs.

But BuyAssociation recommended that short-term investors come up with an exit strategy if they desired to make riches from their rental property. Remember, short-term letting needs more work than long term. The most gainful approach is market your property yourself and usage of an excellent Short-Term Agent for property management.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Brits visiting Spain increases despite weak pound

Ignacio Vasallo of the Turespana Spanish Tourist Board has revealed that tourists in 2008 are likely to be comparable and possibly more than those in 2007. The fall of the pound against the euro did not have any impact in the number of British tourists in Spain.

Recent poll by, Spain is the top destination for British families who are heading abroad this year. This is despite the fact that many consumers are experiencing financial constraints as a result of the credit crunch and weak pound.
Spanish holiday homes
In fact, majority of respondents said they are not going to be put off Spain holiday for the continuing economic crisis. Ignacio Vasallo further said that this is due to the fact that the regular economic growth for British consumers over the last decade, which means they have sufficient reserves to handle existing financial problems. The credit crunch won't dissuade them from going on holiday this year. As Denise Roberts of has said that British Families are increasingly seeing the family holiday break as a requirement rather than a luxury.

Spain is currently considered to be the cheapest country in the Eurozone and according to the Post Office; the cost of general expenses is comparatively lower than in places like France and it is nearly 15% lower than that of France. Helen Warburton, of Post Office, observed that people will be looking to visit countries like Spain where a lower cost of living will offer them more for their pound.

Official government figures say the overall number of holidaymakers in Spain increased by 1.7 per cent to more than 59 million when compared to last year.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spanish Holiday Homes on the Rise

The shift to the "mixed use" trend in real property has caused Spain to grab the lead last year in the list of places for British nationals to acquire holiday homes. This is based on the information given out by

Spain carries on as a lucrative area despite the bad press that it got in the recent years. This strong showing in the market may be attributed to the concept of acquisition of properties for purely investment purposes. The current trend of "mixed-use" simply means that the properties are leased during the months in which the owners are not in residence. This provides them with additional revenue. This arrangement is attractive to those who are on the look-out for long-term investment opportunities.

Last year, the amount of holiday homes listed by saw a thirty eight per cent increase. Furthermore, it was also noted that foreign tourist entry is a hundred per cent more compared with other countries thus proving that it still is a strong contender in the market. It is even believed that more than 70,000 of the visitors opted to stay at private holiday villas or houses in the third quarter last year.

Other factors for Spain's continuing popularity among British tourists and investors include the economical air transportation system plus the adequate number of flights to and from the different points of United Kingdom such as Liverpool and Bournemouth. Its proximity also counts as another reason in addition to its historical appeal and its fair weather.

Some of the popular destinations for holidays in the country include the Canary Islands and Balearics Islands. Yes indeed, Spain, remains a haven for investors.