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Friday, February 15, 2008

Lanzarote’s Allure: An Investor’s Dream

Lanzarote boasts of a sun-filled island with an abundant eco-system. This Spanish island, a part of the Canary Islands, enjoys fair weather all throughout the year which attracts foreign and domestic tourists. Of the foreign tourists, the British tops the list and comprise more than half of the total number of tourist entry. This might be because of its proximity to United Kingdom.

The island also has its peak season for domestic visitors. Lanzarote hosts a lot of dignitaries which includes Spain’s Prime Minister Zapatero who often visits. King Carlos himself has a majestic home in the island which is a regularly visited. Celebrities like Omar Sharif, at one time, also had properties in the island.

Holiday goers troop to this island because of the magnificence of its natural resources and the perpetual sunshine. Despite the sunny weather, the level of humidity is just right. These reasons were enough for tourists as well as investors to consider the island worthy of their money.

Investors who are on the look-out for a wise real estate acquisition in Spain may well consider Lanzarote. The prevailing price of the properties in the island is quite high compared with other locations all over the country. This is due to the tight control that is enforced by the government on the construction of the buildings, homes and other edifices as well as the limited number of properties up for sale. Another plus factor for investors is that they can lease out their properties for longer period of time.

Lanzarote is indeed a place to venture to for holiday or for a worthwhile investment.