Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Retirees looking for Spain for new experiences

Brits retiring abroad are increasingly looking to try a new way of life and Spain is still a popular choice with people wishing to retire in the sun, it has been claimed.

According to Research by NatWest International Personal Banking , moving abroad is still a popular choice with retirees, with western European nations such as Spain and France and long-haul destinations such as Australia and US remaining firm favorites.

Dave Isley, head of NatWest International Personal Banking, said that nearly 92 per cent of retirees who decide to move abroad chose not to retire to a designated expat community. This seems to emphasize the notion that expats have retained a sense of adventure; they really do want to start afresh and experience life as a local rather than settle with other expats.

Meanwhile, property expert George Glen, the country's high-quality healthcare facilities and warm climate are key factors in its appeal to more mature buyers. Spain also offers British retirees the opportunity to live in predominantly English-speaking communities such as those around the Costa Blanca.

Mr. Glen commented: "Older people want to go to countries where they are not going to feel isolated."

In related news, Shelter Offshore explained Spain is still one of the main hotspots for senior expatriates. This was said to be largely because it offers numerous lifestyle attractions that are highly conducive to a relaxing and pleasant retirement.


Real Estate Islamabad said...

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I believe Real Estate in Spain is continully growing and this is why I am traveling down to Spain, Alicante in order to buy a design villa there in December.

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Costa Blanca Property said...

The big expat communities do seem to be places that retirees prefer to look, 1) like you said they do not feel isolated, 2) in the winter months they still have people around even though it is quieter than the summer, 3) They have all the necessary amenities on hand as they wish.

We are finding more retirees looking to buy and the Costa Blanca south in general is an older population.