Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pamplona Bull Run boosts property in northern region

The festival of San Fermin, or the Pamplona bull running as it's more commonly known outside Spain officially begins at midday on 6th July every year. The popularity of the Pamplona Bull Run sees property in Spain packed out during early July.

According to Lonely Planet, demand for accommodation in the northern region where the annual tradition takes place is typically full as the big day approaches. Thousands of people assemble in the square awaiting the mayor's official announcement that the fiestas have begun, a rocket is launched to announce the party has started.

The Pamplona Council proposed that the whole event will be on July 7th when the weather is far more conducive to such a celebration and the last on July 14th. The Pamplona Bull Run takes place at 8am every morning from 7th to 14th July. The actual run stretches from the corral at Santo Domingo where the bulls are kept, to the bullring where they will fight that same afternoon.

Tom Hall, travel editor for the tourism guide said that the Bull Run is scheduled to take place on July 6th this year, with a young party crowd anticipated to attend.

Mr. Hall commented: "There are loads of antipodean travellers that go there every year as part of their circuit." He said that for many visitors, the pilgrimage to Pamplona is made "to either have a good old party or actually take part in the runs". Consequently, the fiesta becomes a rite of passage for many visitors to property in Spain’s northern region.