Friday, July 30, 2010

Brits are currently able to pick up tremendous value properties

Property investors in Spain will be pleased by news that the European destination has been tipped to become the top tourist hotspot this summer, despite increasing competition.

According to the Association of Independent Tour Operators (AITO)., Holidays to Spain will be the top choice in 2010 by British tourists. Ian Bradley, spokesperson for the group, said that Spain will be sure to come out on top by the end of the year while destinations such as Egypt and Turkey are currently showing signs of growth in the travel market.

He said that customers are looking for good value in spite of the ongoing strength of the euro, they need to bear in mind that many hotels throughout the eurozone, particularly in Spain, have slashed their prices. The claims are sure to be welcomed at a time when the property market in the country remains bleak amidst falling prices and a poor exchange rate.

Meanwhile, property company Property Frontiers said that Brits are currently able to pick up "tremendous value" properties in countries such as Spain. Christopher Chad, project manager at the company, explains that massive price falls in 2010 will help to attract investment from foreign buyers.