Monday, June 7, 2010

Spanish countryside offers good value to tourists

Spanish countryside could be an option for people who want a good-value holiday as it is likely to provide "incredible value" in 2010, according to a media outlet.

The Daily Telegraph has reported the strong Euro has not dented the appeal of Spain and this means that while costs are up as a result of the strong Euro, they are still below those at home. Rural areas in Spain have become family's favorite holiday destination, for its combination of warm weather, clean beaches and attractive landscapes.

The development of rural tourism in Spain began rather later than its Northern European counterparts, partly because Spain has traditionally been marketed as cheap sun, sand and sea. Spain is rapidly diversifying its tourism sector, mainly by promoting its fabulous inland cities by raising awareness of its very attractive natural sceneries.

According to official government statistics, in Spain there are currently 13,887 rural lodgings offering 126, 234 beds. These lodgings have an occupancy rate of 16.92% in general and 28.5% on the weekends. The highest rural occupancy rates are in Guipuzcoa in the Basque Country, with an almost 30% occupancy rate in 2009. Coastal regions predominate in the international market, even when it comes to rural tourism, whereas mountainous areas attract most domestic tourists.

Rural tourism in Spain is extremely seasonal. Vacationers tend to go on rural holidays for short periods of time, and so we also observe a higher occupancy rate over the weekend. However, Buy-to-let investors are encouraged to market their property to niche groups such as elderly travelers, partly because they often travel out of season. Therefore, property owners could potentially collect healthy rental yields during relatively quiet periods.

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