Monday, June 21, 2010

Spanish city of La Coruna offers views of the past

Property in Spain could be an ideal investment, especially in the town of La Coruna as it is a great destination for a holiday and also ambitious developments are set to take place.

Antonio Fontenla, acting president of A Coruna Chamber of Commerce said that much of the city’s property doubles as museum or gallery space. He said that the city hosts many art galleries where the visitor can take in paintings from different eras and contemporary art.

La Coruna is a Spanish region located in the north-western corner of the country. It is part of the Spanish autonomous community of Galicia, a region of vast green landscapes with a rich Celtic and Roman heritage which keeps, still today, a mystic and magic allure. La Coruna is a modern city, which combines its traditional agricultural and fishing industries with new successful industries, such as fashion and textiles.

Mr. Fontenla commented: "You won’t be disappointed by its people, architecture, gastronomy, for an unforgettable holiday."

Henrique Tello, vice mayor and councillor for tourism presented the Tourism Development Plan together with representatives from the company who designed the plan, Daemon Quest. Mr. Tello intends to make over A Coruna by improving the number of tourists and the amount of money they spend. This could be good news for investors looking to buy property in Spain now as the prices could go up should the plans take effect.

Luis Gali, manager of Daemon Quest, explained the city tourism brand is to be unified with special emphasis on cuisine, nature, sea sports and culture.

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