Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spain will always be a popular choice for British property buyers

Property in Spain is still as popular as ever with British investors and expats, especially now it is possible to find bargains, a property expert has claimed.

According to aboutproperty.co.uk, house builder Taylor Woodrow de Espana has said people are also beginning to view property as a long-term investment opportunity. Victor Sague, Marketing director of Taylor Woodrow de Espana said that the country was recently chosen as the UK's favorite destination for buying property abroad.

He commented: "The continuing popularity of this country helps ensure that property purchased in Spain will always hold its value." Mr. Sague added that Spain has something for everyone and people dreaming of living near a beach, on a golf course, or in the "real" Spain can all find their perfect homes.

Developer Casas de Lorca said that the Spanish property market still enjoys several "strong pull factors" which include the warm climate, laidback lifestyle and comparatively low cost of living for British people looking to invest in a home overseas. Increased financial uncertainty means that many people are "less sure of the more untried and untested destinations", making traditional overseas property destinations such as Spain a popular choice.

According to the development company, Spain has also begun to benefit from the shift away from emerging markets brought about by the economic downturn. Spain also continues to perform strongly in the retirement market due to the good reputation of healthcare services in the country.

In related news, Liverpool-based property agent Ken Walker said that "no other country can quite compete" with Spain in terms of its popularity with UK investors, as it is a "tried and tested location which has gained a long-standing reputation when it comes to savvy property investment", he told the Liverpool Echo.

Mr. Walker also explained the benefits of buying off-plan in Spain, asserting that it represents the best way for buyers to ascertain "maximum choice for their property in terms of style, design and location".