Friday, May 29, 2009

Benicassim is an upmarket Mediterranean tourist destination

Benicassim is a traditional holiday centre, thanks to its six kilometers worth of sandy beaches, its high mountains and also it hosts one of the biggest events on Spain's live music calendar.

Benicassim is a port town in province of Castello; 13 Km on the northern side of Castello de la Plana town. The city founded by the Carmelites is a spiritual retreat, nowadays offers interesting routes to cover by foot or bicycle. The old Camelites' distillery, which used aromatic herbs to elaborate their liqueurs, was eventually moved to the urban centre. Benicassim swells with an influx of tourists during the summer months. Modernist and colonial-style holiday villas are popular in the Benicàssim beach areas which are built here at the end of the 19th century by the wealthy classes of Valencia. This has set Benicassim apart from other towns on the coast and it remains a favorite summer destination for Spain's more affluent crowd as well as international tourists.

This year will be the 16th edition of Benicassim music festival (Festival Internacional de Benicassim), which has presented performances by the likes of Radiohead, Leonard Cohen, the Stone Roses and the Chemical Brothers since it was launched in 1994. This year, the four headline slots will be filled by Oasis, Kings of Leon, Franz Ferdinand and the Killers.

Tourism is the base of Benicassim's economy and it capitalizes on this well with a good spattering of restaurants, festivals and many facilities and attractions. The town is one of the top places in Spain to buy property right now. Those with existing properties are set to benefit this year as holiday villa rentals are becoming increasingly popular. The mixture of quality accommodation as well as the flexibility of rented villas is of high appeal to families, those on extended stays or those looking for a more personalized vacation.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Property in Spain in demand among Russians

Approximately 25% of Russians who are interested in purchasing property abroad during the first quarter 2009 focused their search on Spain, industry analysts have stated.

According to the Russian property consulting firm Miel DMP which specializes in property abroad, Spain has become the most popular location for Russians looking for property abroad, after France (20%) and Bulgaria (15%). They added that the other European markets are also attracting a considerable amount of interest.

The findings echo the findings of other studies, such as recent poll by Jet-to-Let magazine, which revealed Spain as one of the top ten investment hotspots among Britons this year.

This was attributed partly to the recent decline in Spain's housing market, as many Russians and Brits are keen to take advantage of reductions in property prices, reports Spanish News.

Indeed, Professor Gonzalo Bernardos of Barcelona University recently predicted that values would stop dropping in most places before the end of next year. This suggests that investors purchasing property in Spain now could grab a relative bargain and enjoy capital growth in the longer term when the market picks up.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Long-term investors in Spain could reap the benefits

Overseas property experts predicted that Spanish property would be buyer's market in the coming months and would create a golden opportunity to pick up a bargain.

Spain has long been the number-one destination for British buyers with as many as two in five buyers (43%), choosing Spain as their preferred location. But, with the country's property market looking distinctly wobbly, seasoned investors knows that distress may mean bargains for clued-up buyers who know how to exploit the market. Property prices from Barcelona to the Balearic Islands fell 6.5 percent in the first quarter of 2009 alone. This doesn't mean all properties are for sale at rock-bottom prices. Many vendors haven’t yet come to terms with reality, and some asking prices are ludicrous.

Spain is a large and diverse country, however, which means that different areas and kinds of property will perform differently. Barbara Wood, who runs the Andalusian end of The Property Finders, a search agency says "Much of the doom and gloom is misleading, because it comes almost exclusively from new-build property development". As the Spanish market re-aligns itself with fantastic bargains, the fact of the matter is that Spain is still one of the best places in Europe for the weather and stunning beaches. With its easy accessibility to the UK and the lower property prices for now has once again made it a buyers market.

Newly built flats on the coast are largely responsible for the property glut and villas are in shorter supply, problems in the market for flats mean that asking prices are also being pushed down for villas. There are some superbly priced properties now on offer, representing real value for money. The prices even compare favorably with pre-boom prices.

Andrew Lupton, of Stacks Relocation Spain commented "Prices for attractive villas in the upmarket enclave around Javea, on the Costa Blanca, are already 20% down; You can now get a lovely four-bedroom villa with a pool on a plot of 800 square meters for £300,000. A year and a half ago, it would have cost you £380,000".

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spanish consumer confidence rebounds

The number of unemployed in Spain registered the smallest increase in nine months this April and the Spanish consumer confidence rose again this month which indicates Spanish economy is stabilizing at a momentous rate, according to the reports.

According to the labor ministry reports, April was the third straight month in which the rate of increase eased, after a rise of nearly 200,000 in January was followed by somewhat smaller figures in February and March. In terms of unemployment rate, the latest quarterly estimate from the national statistics agency (INE) was 13.9 percent for the fourth quarter of 2008 and unemployment fell by 0.62% in March 2009.

Spanish consumer confidence increased in March to 53.7 points, up from 48.6 points in February, The Confidence Index which is provided by Spain's Official Credit Institute (ICO ) was at 73.1 in March last year, hit a record low of 46.3 in July as oil prices soared and European Central Bank interest rates hit 4.25 percent.

According to The Bloomberg reports, overseas property hunters apprehensive of any market fluctuations might be comforted by the fact that rather than being the sudden drop and drama of a property slump in Spain, though, it is more a case of a gradual stabilizing of the market.

Increasing Consumer confidence is a good sign that investors buying Spanish property have been happy to snap up what's on offer and the market appears to be expanding. Also, a wave of first-time buyers, increasing numbers of economic immigrants and the changing view of Spain from the land of a quick buck to a long-term investment are all reasons most developers and financial experts are confident the market will be robust enough to survive a property price slow-down.

Meanwhile, Beatriz Corredor, Spain's Minister of Housing stated that the collapse in Spain’s housing starts has described as good news "Residential construction is returning to the rate that responds to the Spanish population," said Corredor, talking on Spanish radio. "In this sense, the readjustment in the sector is good news," he commented.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Brits buying Spanish properties prefer a sea view

There is something unashamedly romantic about Britons who buy homes overseas is they don't usually weigh up hard-nosed factors before choosing where to buy a place in the sun but Brits who are buying property in countries such as Spain prefer a sea view.

According to the Daily Telegraph, The research and anecdotes from the property industry indicate that substantial premiums apply to the prices of homes with sea views. Paddy Dring of Knight Frank told the paper that it is sea views, rather than those over lakes or rivers, that have the greatest attraction for overseas buyers, mainly because southern European property and holiday hotspots tend to be on the coast.

He commented: "They choose the location then search for a property with a sea view. In a hot country a cracking sea view is your chill out factor."

PR manager at tourist property firm Holiday-Rentals Sarah Chambers commented that many people regard Spain as consisting of nothing but the busy Costas but the reality is those seeking a more authentic taste of Spain, be they property buyers or holidaymakers, can also do so inland away from the traditional beach resorts.

In related news, Mike Whiting, Managing editor of Holiday Extras noted that Spain has been listed as the "top" destination for UK tourists this year, with the Costa del Sol resort of Malaga ahead of other popular tourist destinations, the Typically Spanish website reports.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Spain ideal for self-catering

Self catering holidays in Spain and France are cost effective and are the perfect way to experience the culture and diversity of the countries.

According to the Association of Independent Tour Operators, people can always find ways to make their holidays cheaper, such as opting for a self-catering stay. Spokesperson of the Association of Independent Tour Operators said that Holidaymakers from UK may be worried about the current exchange rate between the euro and pound, but they should compare the relative cost of items between countries.

Self-catering holidays in Spain gives tourists the freedom to see some of the areas most of them never get the chance to explore on package holidays where their itineraries are planned. From Barcelona to Madrid, travelers come to enjoy the tremendous art, history and many self catering vacation opportunities. Rental villas are currently available throughout the country, and visitors can choose any location, from a tranquil rustic lodge to an incredibly chic apartment.

He Commented: "You can offset your cost so if you want to go to France or Spain, you can book a villa and buy your own produce, that's a big attraction too."

Self catering Spanish holidays leave it up to the tourists to choose to do as much or as little as they like in a country where there is so much on offer. This flexibility is perfect if they partake in the fiestas and siestas and indulge in some of the traditional food such as paella and tapas to get a real taste of Spanish life.

Meanwhile, recently revealed that the average cost of a hotel room in Barcelona comes in at £93 for the night, compared to £119 in the British city of Bath.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rural Spain is still relatively undiscovered and well priced

Countryside property

The prices in the Spanish coastal homes have risen enough in the past few years to make people looking to buy Spanish property want to reconsider where they buy. Because of this, rural property sales in Spain and other regions are really on the rise.

Rural homes are becoming more and more popular with the British (and other Europeans) looking for an investment or a great vacation home. Sarah Chambers, PR manager at tourist property firm Holiday-Rentals said that many people were not aware of the "authentic" appeal of Spanish rural areas, instead focusing on stereotyped ideas focused on beach resorts.

She commented: "A lot of people have bought properties in inland Spain in Andalusia. We've got properties in hilltop villages and towns." The most sought after properties here are traditional country fincas, villas, town houses and properties that need to be renovated. There is also demand for large plots and Last year the market was extremely buoyant in this area with prices up to 20% for large fincas. Nearly 50% of the market is British followed by Spanish and German followed by an international and European scattering of buyers.

Spanish rural lifestyle changes from place to place and it is for those who are really looking for a change - and for a real life, for people looking to live their lives in a quiet, festive, and beautiful place. According to propertyworld website, another thing that attracts so many people to rural Spain is the welcoming nature of the Spanish. It's something expats are not likely to find on the raw and tourist-eaten coasts.

According to Engel & Volker's, a rural inland Spanish property can be a wonderful choice, for those that are up for an entirely new lifestyle. Industry experts suggested that it's best to spend a bit of time in the Spanish countryside before buying a rural inland Spanish property there, just to become aware of the lifestyle.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Spanish golf property market still attractive

As more golfers are looking to combine their sport with their holiday, The Spanish golf property market is still attracting the interest of overseas investors wanting to take a plunge in the country's golfing scene.

According to Golf Digest , there has been a marked increase in the number of golfers going for special golf vacations, together with vastly reduced airfares, have led to the development of many luxury resorts and property complexes designed especially for golfers particularly in Spain. There are now over 60 courses to choose from in the Spanish golf property market and the most popular regions are the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol.

Golf property in Spain
Managing director of Carrington Estates Paul Rossiter told the Daily mail that there has been an oversupply of such venues; with many low quality and high density property developments, however, better courses are still doing well. Mr. Rossiter said good examples of this included discounted, low-density property developments at Marbella club resort and neighboring Monte Mayor.

Monte Mayor Golf & Country Club offers good investment opportunities in Spain's golf property market. Townhouses starts from 505,000EUR (approx £345,070) for a 182.4 meters squared two bedroom, two bathroom, terracotta floor tiling throughout, marble staircases and double glazed windows in wood with interior wood shutters and a brick fireplace.

Also, Spanish Hot Properties offers the following properties in Desert Springs Golf Resort at amazing prices representing up to 30% discount from last years prices.

2 Bedroom Apartments - Only €178,000
2 Bedroom Town Houses - Only €257,000
4 Bedroom Country Cottages - Only €418.000