Friday, December 4, 2009

Spanish golf properties enjoy a 20% premium

Spain has some of the best Golf courses in the world and many of them are surrounded by wonderful properties such as villas, town houses and apartments which enjoy a 20 per cent premium over similar homes that lack this, it has been noted.

In a feature on the appeal and value of Golf properties, the Times stated figures from developer Clutton Resorts stating that such a price differential exists. With KPMG's Golf Advisory Practice stating that the country is tipped to be second only to Portugal as a golf property destination, The Times stated that this is beneficial for Spain.

Golf properties are among the easiest to rent out for holidays and represent an excellent investment. There are companies that specialize in renting out golf properties in Spain and include golf tee times and bookings. Over the last few years, the prices of golf properties in Spain have increased at a dramatic rate and huge profits have been made.

The Times also suggested the Desert Springs resort in Almeria as a good investment for a family in which Dad tends to be an occasional golfer. This has two-bedroom flats with discounted prices starting at GBP198,000.

In good news for golf property investors, revealed that the banks are willing to offer home loans to overseas buyers. It remarked that investors would be "surprised" at what is on offer and said that with prices having fallen the prospects of owning property abroad "may never be better".