Thursday, October 8, 2009

Formula 1 in the sky! in Barcelona

Sports enthusiasts seeking Spanish property may be interested to know that the city of Barcelona has been recommended for an action-packed aerobatic adventure.

The Grand Finale of the 2009 Red Bull Air Race World Championship takes place in Barcelona on 3rd and 4th October and the world's best pilots compete against one another in a race based on speed, precision and skill. The first fully fledged Red Bull Air Race World Series took place in 2005 in seven world venues worldwide. This has now expanded to eleven locations this year including Barcelona and involves 11 of the world's top fliers.

This event is thrilling due to the proximity of the crowds to the event. Standing at the water's edge in Barcelona puts visitors so close to the action that they really get to see the amazing skills of these pilots. The competition involves air racing and it's like Formula 1 in the sky! Where the aim is to fly around a demanding aerial obstacle course as quickly as possible. Pilots are timed individually as they navigate a tricky slalom course made up of 60ft high 'air gates' which may make Spanish property hunters happy to keep their feet firmly on the ground.

Potential Spanish property buyers from the UK may find they have a special interest in the event, as Britain's Paul Bonhomme currently leads with 55 points and Hannes Arch of Austria with 51 points will be contending for the title of World Champion 2009.

In news of interest for Barcelona property investors, Barcelona city council is to increase the services on offer to residents via SMS. Residents will, from October, be able to receive reminders of appointments at the tax office, housing and citizen's advice. Residents can also request a list of the city's free-to-access Wi-Fi spots and, if their cars have been towed away, find out which depot it is held in. The SMS service costs 15 cents per message - the minimum rate of the mobile telephone operators.