Thursday, August 27, 2009

Inland Andalucia property is Spain's hottest new investment

Property in inland Andalusia is Spain's hottest new investment and demand has increased rapidly over the past year. Property in inland Spain has a great deal to offer as buyers are surrounded by the best of traditional Spanish life combined with contemporary properties.

Travel writer Tim Jepson has stated that the town of Gaucin is a particularly "astounding" location, with whitewashed homes, narrow streets and mountain views. He added that all this is "framed by craggy peaks, vultures wheeling overhead and surrounded by miles of sun-drilled hills dotted with carob, cork oak and shimmering fields of wheat", according to Daily Telegraph reports.

The cost of property in inland Andalusia is much cheaper per square foot than in coastal areas and offers exceptional capital growth potential as visitor numbers are growing year on year. Developers have been quick to meet demand for inland apartments in Andalucia and there are a variety of exceptional off-plan and completed properties on the market.

Transportation, shopping and leisure, have improved dramatically in the region. Traditional villages in Andalusia that were once cut off now benefit from new communications infrastructure. Buying a property in the region at current prices means investors can make the most of rising value in the future and take advantage of those looking to rent property in Andalusia.