Sunday, August 23, 2009

Brits are the biggest expat community in Valencia

The number of foreigners particularly Brits moving to Spain has raised in last 12 months. Brits are leading the way in the Valencian Community, with 135,005 residents in the autonomy, according to the latest statistics.

Meanwhile, Romanians make up the next biggest group with 128,097 residents. Valencia has become the region with the one of the fastest-rising immigrant population with a 33% increase over 2007, whilst other nationalities with a significant presence in the autonomy are Bulgarians, Bolivians, Moroccans and Italians.

The latest figures from the National Institute of Statistics (NIS) reveal that some 847,339 foreigners reside in the three provinces comprising the Valencian Community: Alicante (446,368), Valencia (294.846), and Castellón (106,125).

Recently, Valencia region tourist board has opened its first overseas tourism office in London, as Brits make up 45% of visitors to the region. Angelica Such, Tourism minister for Valencia said although UK visitor numbers are not as bad as they were in January and February, when numbers were up to 26% down year on year, June's figures were only 8% down on the previous year. She said about €2.6 million is being invested on promoting the destination in the UK. Joint trade initiatives and direct consumer advertising are proving effective.

Such commented: "We want to show our commitment to the British market by making Valencia more accessible than ever. By having a local office, we can give British visitors all the information they need to plan their trip to the region of Valencia."