Friday, July 17, 2009

Eco homes keep Spanish property affordable

Many investors buy a second home in Spain where sustainable measures are being implemented and it appeals to people as a great way to make a contribution to the environment whilst at the same time investing in a beautiful country like Spain.

According to the Telegraph, when the sterling began to fade in strength against the euro earlier this year, many expatriates found themselves struggling to cope. However, the publication suggested that by reducing the carbon footprint and living in a more self-sufficient manner, home owners can conquer the credit crunch. Developers took notice of the surge in interest and offer some kind of 'green' element in their buildings.

Peter Hughes and Kinga Monica has bought a property in Almeria, Spain and they decided to install solar thermal panels, wood-burning stoves, rainwater harvesting and grow their own vegetables to keep costs low property. It worked and their monthly running costs are around €25 (£21.50).

Peter said: "We're completely eco-friendly and self-reliant. We have all our needs: television, kitchen gadgets. We even ran high-power drills off the batteries without running out during the building work."

The Spanish Prime Minister, M. Zapatero stated that one of the solutions to get the country out of economic trouble is green growth. Several other countries including the United States, China and South Korea already did so and as much as 430 billion dollars have been already allocated to green New Deals worldwide. He further said that the country is well advanced in biotechnologies and it is willing to work much more on energy efficiency and conservation, renewables and high speed trains, according to the French daily Le Monde reports.