Monday, May 11, 2009

Spain ideal for self-catering

Self catering holidays in Spain and France are cost effective and are the perfect way to experience the culture and diversity of the countries.

According to the Association of Independent Tour Operators, people can always find ways to make their holidays cheaper, such as opting for a self-catering stay. Spokesperson of the Association of Independent Tour Operators said that Holidaymakers from UK may be worried about the current exchange rate between the euro and pound, but they should compare the relative cost of items between countries.

Self-catering holidays in Spain gives tourists the freedom to see some of the areas most of them never get the chance to explore on package holidays where their itineraries are planned. From Barcelona to Madrid, travelers come to enjoy the tremendous art, history and many self catering vacation opportunities. Rental villas are currently available throughout the country, and visitors can choose any location, from a tranquil rustic lodge to an incredibly chic apartment.

He Commented: "You can offset your cost so if you want to go to France or Spain, you can book a villa and buy your own produce, that's a big attraction too."

Self catering Spanish holidays leave it up to the tourists to choose to do as much or as little as they like in a country where there is so much on offer. This flexibility is perfect if they partake in the fiestas and siestas and indulge in some of the traditional food such as paella and tapas to get a real taste of Spanish life.

Meanwhile, recently revealed that the average cost of a hotel room in Barcelona comes in at £93 for the night, compared to £119 in the British city of Bath.