Sunday, May 17, 2009

Brits buying Spanish properties prefer a sea view

There is something unashamedly romantic about Britons who buy homes overseas is they don't usually weigh up hard-nosed factors before choosing where to buy a place in the sun but Brits who are buying property in countries such as Spain prefer a sea view.

According to the Daily Telegraph, The research and anecdotes from the property industry indicate that substantial premiums apply to the prices of homes with sea views. Paddy Dring of Knight Frank told the paper that it is sea views, rather than those over lakes or rivers, that have the greatest attraction for overseas buyers, mainly because southern European property and holiday hotspots tend to be on the coast.

He commented: "They choose the location then search for a property with a sea view. In a hot country a cracking sea view is your chill out factor."

PR manager at tourist property firm Holiday-Rentals Sarah Chambers commented that many people regard Spain as consisting of nothing but the busy Costas but the reality is those seeking a more authentic taste of Spain, be they property buyers or holidaymakers, can also do so inland away from the traditional beach resorts.

In related news, Mike Whiting, Managing editor of Holiday Extras noted that Spain has been listed as the "top" destination for UK tourists this year, with the Costa del Sol resort of Malaga ahead of other popular tourist destinations, the Typically Spanish website reports.