Friday, May 29, 2009

Benicassim is an upmarket Mediterranean tourist destination

Benicassim is a traditional holiday centre, thanks to its six kilometers worth of sandy beaches, its high mountains and also it hosts one of the biggest events on Spain's live music calendar.

Benicassim is a port town in province of Castello; 13 Km on the northern side of Castello de la Plana town. The city founded by the Carmelites is a spiritual retreat, nowadays offers interesting routes to cover by foot or bicycle. The old Camelites' distillery, which used aromatic herbs to elaborate their liqueurs, was eventually moved to the urban centre. Benicassim swells with an influx of tourists during the summer months. Modernist and colonial-style holiday villas are popular in the Benicàssim beach areas which are built here at the end of the 19th century by the wealthy classes of Valencia. This has set Benicassim apart from other towns on the coast and it remains a favorite summer destination for Spain's more affluent crowd as well as international tourists.

This year will be the 16th edition of Benicassim music festival (Festival Internacional de Benicassim), which has presented performances by the likes of Radiohead, Leonard Cohen, the Stone Roses and the Chemical Brothers since it was launched in 1994. This year, the four headline slots will be filled by Oasis, Kings of Leon, Franz Ferdinand and the Killers.

Tourism is the base of Benicassim's economy and it capitalizes on this well with a good spattering of restaurants, festivals and many facilities and attractions. The town is one of the top places in Spain to buy property right now. Those with existing properties are set to benefit this year as holiday villa rentals are becoming increasingly popular. The mixture of quality accommodation as well as the flexibility of rented villas is of high appeal to families, those on extended stays or those looking for a more personalized vacation.