Monday, April 6, 2009

Spain attracts record number of Irish holidaymakers

Spain is always going to be a top holiday destination for Brits and not so surprisingly more holidaymakers from Ireland are also holidaying in Spain despite the current exchange rate, it has been claimed.

Spain will continue to "retain its position as Brits absolute favorite country". Spanish airport operators AENA have just released new figures revealing that the number of Irish visitors rose seven per cent in February, compared to figures from 2008.

Despite a drop in visitor numbers from other countries, the data from the Spanish airports authority Aena shows that 13,288 Irish holidaymakers flew into the airport in February, 896 more than in January. The data revealed that 13,288 Irish holidaymakers flew into the airport in February, 896 more than in January. This News makes happy reading for owners of apartments and temporary lodgings in Spanish resorts.

The Costa del Sol and Marbella has long been a hot favorite with tourists and property investors from UK. Thanks to the year-round sunshine, easy-going lifestyle and low cost of living in Spain, adding that many others "emerging destination" does not have same family culture or quality of health care that the country offers. UK has firmly established as the number one market for tourism to Spain as British guests accounting for well over 50% of all visits made by foreign nationals.

The Meath Chronicle stated that a large number of Irish people are booking holidays early in order to avoid missing out as last summer's dismal weather and an equally miserable January, has led to a rush of early summer holiday bookings.

According to Victor Sague, of Taylor Woodrow de Espana said Spain has a "long lasting attractiveness to Britons".

He commented: "I believe the various underlying factors leave cause for optimism in the Spanish property market, chief among them the Brits' enduring love of Spain. Where else can you enjoy a beautiful balmy climate, spectacular beaches and scenery, affordable property and all just a short low cost flight from the UK?"