Saturday, April 4, 2009

Expat brits flocking to Alicante

The Spanish resort of Alicante is one of the most desirable destinations for Brits who want to escape the winter blues of wet, windy weather and for the retirees, it has been reported.

Writer Andrew Regan has stated that there are more British foreign nationals in Alicante than any other group while many activities and clubs are available for retirees. Even more social opportunities are available if expats also speak Spanish, reports Best Syndication Magazine.

According to Whatsonwhen, the town holds one of its most important festivals in December. The Moors and Christians festival is held in Alicante in December and according to their tradition plenty of food and drink must be consumed after the religious and historical connotations have been celebrated, so tourists should be prepared to ravish a feast of fine Spanish cuisine.

Janette Murphy who recently moved to Alicante "never looked back" and is now settled in the country with her family and own business. Janette and Howard now own a hobby shop in Alicante. She said she and her husband Howard had received "the hand of friendship at every turn" from their Spanish neighbors and are now financially much better off that they would have been in the UK, the Sun reports.

A recent study from the Immigration Permanent Observatory showed that Alicante region boasts the most foreign residents over the age of 65 and there are 45,012 foreign pensioners living in the Alicante province, while 22,414 reside in Malaga. The downturn in the property market has seen average sales prices down by ten per cent this year and sellers are accepting offers of up to 20 per cent below asking price. Three-bedroom homes in the area cost around 150,000 euros (£134,000).

In related news, Spain is still the number one destination for UK people looking to buy property abroad, according to latest figures.