Saturday, April 18, 2009

18th century house available for sale in Gaucín

A five-bedroom six-bath home, dates to the 18th century in the spectacularly beautiful mountain village of Gaucín in southern Spain with sweeping views to Gibraltar and the Rif Mountains of North Africa is available in the market.

The house was renovated using old bricks, antique doors; other materials salvaged from demolished houses in the area and its Clad in white stucco. Each of the three floors evokes a different culture and century. The bottom floor, formerly an olive oil press, is heavily influenced by Moroccan style. The next floor, at street level, was designed to look like an Edwardian house, matching floor tiles, double glazing and solid wood interior doors. Dining room with attractive arch leading in to the living area and two bedrooms with large fitted wardrobes and two baths. The top floor, which houses the master suite, another bedroom and a living room, is decorated in a minimalist style. There are tiled kitchen on all floor - Large covered dining terrace ideal for eating Al fresco; the largest, on the bottom floor, has two antique marble sinks and exposed ceiling beam

Gaucín is situated against the looming dark backdrop of the Serranía de Ronda and has a population of only 2000 and is perched 626 meters above sea level on the crest of the Sierra del Hacho, and due to its key strategic position was once a major Roman settlement. Its magnificent castle, Castillo Del Aguila (Eagle's Castle) dates from Roman era and was later expanded by the Arabs into a fortress.

When Windsor-Clive first arrived in the area in 1996, he lived out of the back of a Land Rover in a local cork forest before buying in Gaucin in 2000.

"I had numerous reasons for choosing Gaucin, including easy access to my workshop in Morocco," he says. "The property cost about £110,000 and I spent £260,000 or so on refurbishments". "It took four years. During that time, I've been my own best client. I've decorated the property with about £250,000 worth of my own mosaics," He says.

Gaucin is well connected, very scenic and it appeals to aesthetically sensitive buyers. The countryside and views are magnificent, and the village has charm without the gimcrack tourism that has stained other Spanish villages. The expansion plans for the municipality will not increase the size of the village, so the supply of town properties here will remain tight.

Town properties with good features start at about £170,000 and isolated houses with a pool and parking space cost £340,000-£410,000. Country properties with good views start at £340,000 outside the village. Most decent-sized country properties, with some land, good views and close to Gaucin, cost €1m (about £680,000) or more. The property prices are high because demand outstrips supply and the plans for a new road that could cut the journey time from the coastal motorway to Gaucin by 20 minutes is likely to boost demand even further.