Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Spain offers amazing variety of country properties

Expat buyers are getting interested in the Spanish ruined properties in the small towns, rather than townhouses and apartments and they must do their research first before purchasing, it has been claimed.

Spain has a number of buildings in need of renovation and overdeveloped properties have spurred many people to consider buying rundown properties in countryside for their own projects. However, the website has stated that would-be buyers must ensure they take into account some vital issues. Many people move to Spanish countryside to enjoy a better quality of life and a lower cost of living. The profusion of ruined properties with a bit of land also attracts purchasers on low budgets. Purchasers should not underestimate the total cost of converting dilapidated country properties into comfy, habitable homes.

The website has reported that ruined properties found in rural areas are often small, no more than a couple of rooms. The website recommended that before buying any rural property it is important to check the planning permission with the local town hall. Always engage an independent lawyer check planning permission, boundaries, water rights, and any other relevant issues before signing any contracts or pay any deposits.

Many rural properties in Spain can only be reached by farm tracks and it might easily take half an hour or more to reach the nearest village. There are also some fresh rural properties on the market, properties that have been built in the last 25 years. Life in a remote country cottage surrounded by stunning countryside far from the intrusions of the chaotic modern world is a popular aspiration, but expats planning to needs to think hard about the lifestyle, the risk of feeling isolated, and how to keep busy in a consequential and productive way.

In related news Spanish property insight website has stated that many of the rural properties for sale in Catalonia are in a state of ruin, especially they are available on the market for fewer than 100,000 Euros.