Friday, February 6, 2009

Rural tourism in Spain gives credible value

Holidaymakers may be buoyed by predictions that holidays in rural Spain are considered to provide incredible value in 2009.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Tourists from the UK could find Spain a good-value holiday destination. The strong euro has not dented the appeal of Spain and this means that while costs are up as a result of the strong euro, they are still below those at home. This could be an important factor for holidaymakers, many of whom have faced financial constraints as a result of the credit crunch.

The publication stated that rural areas in Spain have become family's favorite holiday destination, for its combination of warm weather, clean beaches and attractive landscapes. The publication recommended La Cuadra, a three-bedroom traditional stone house in Asturias for those who enjoy activities such as hiking or people who want to avoid the crowds at beach resorts.

BBC newsreader Huw Edwards Writing in the Daily Telegraph commented: "The combination of sunshine, rugged beauty, clean beaches, well-equipped hotels and good restaurants would take some beating." Consumers from Europe are becoming less willing to snap up late deals, as more and more are booking at least two months in advance.

The high-speed train network across the country from Barcelona to Seville or Malaga in less than six hours, making country retreats more accessible. This is a welcome development for investors in these areas, as the train routes should attract a considerable number of extra visitors. As a result, demand for rental accommodation will increase and generate higher returns for property owners.

The Post Office recently revealed that Spain is actually the cheapest country in the eurozone at the moment although the pound is at a record low against the euro.