Friday, February 13, 2009

Moorish architecture remains a template for property in Spain

Moorish Architecture

Spain is conceived as the place of origin of Moorish ornamentation and this is still a strong influence on new property developments in Spain, according to a media outlet. stated that the style which was first introduced from north-west Africa 1,300 years ago transforming much of the Spanish peninsula into an Arabian caliphate called Al-Andalus and it remains a template for property in the country.

Characterized by fortification walls, unusual minarets, Moorish domes polychrome decorations made of corn cobs of various colors assembled like mosaic tiles, ornate ceiling carvings and intertwining patterns, the style is found in many modern buildings. Many Moorish features originate from the desert-like conditions found in parts of North West Africa so the usage of water is essential and hugely important to the Moorish style. Indeed, interior courtyards typically feature a spring of running water, Fountains and reflecting pools combine aesthetics with architectural design.

Julia Norton, sales director at the Champneys Marbella development, which features the style, told the website: "despite global financial pressures, the continued success of the Champneys Marbella development is no surprise, and the reason why we've managed to buck any downward trends is because buyers recognize the innate attractiveness of the Moorish architecture in the apartments and penthouses themselves, as well as the resort. Their beautiful, striking interiors and splendid, serene surroundings melt the heart of the most hardened individual".

Mike Hamilton, managing director of Casas de Lorca said that the "true Spanish lifestyle" is appealing to a number of Brits. He added that property investors looking for Spanish property tend to want to mingle with locals, enjoy the "enchanting countryside" and learn the language.

He commented: "I find that a great deal are drawn to Spain for its lifestyle and therefore are looking for the true Spain over and above more well-known 'Britain in the sun'-type resorts."