Sunday, January 18, 2009

Spanish properties -a tangible investment

Property in Spain is an interesting investment proposition and sound long-term financial choice, according to one housing expert.

Victor Sague, marketing director of Taylor Woodrow de Espana, has told Homes Worldwide that people are beginning to view Spanish property as a long-term investment opportunity. He added that People are now moving away from the short term view that property once was viewed as and are now looking at it as a long term investment opportunity. Over a longer period of time financial gain will be good, after all bricks and mortar is a tangible investment.

He commented: "The continuing popularity of Spain helps ensure that property purchased in Spain will always hold its value." Recently there has been a rise in cash investors from UK looking to purchase property in the country. As Mr. Sague explained only in Spain, they can enjoy a beautiful balmy climate, stunning beaches and scenery, affordable property and all just a short low cost flight from the UK?"

Mr. Sague added that Spain has something for everyone and expats dreaming of living near a beach, on a golf course, or in the "real" Spain can all find their perfect homes and is currently offering "spectacular bargains". Spanish Hot Properties has stated that prices in the country could drop by a third, making 2009 a good time to invest. Company director Nick Stuart stated that the market could give "incredible value" and will benefit those looking to move abroad or buy a second home in the country.

Meanwhile, John Howell, from the International Law Partnership, told Country Life that people should think of investing in property in Spain as it is the nearest destination with year round good climate, adding that the infrastructure can support large numbers of British expats.