Monday, January 5, 2009

Brits migration rate to Spain inceases

Brits are set to continue their love-affair with the Spanish properties as the number of British people moving to Spain has increased by 12 per cent, according to a media outlet.

The Guardian has cited the figures released by the Spanish government, there were 352,000 British expats living in the country at the beginning of 2008 and experts predict that the number of Brits looking for property in Spain will remain strong in 2009.

However, the Foreign Office believes this figure hugely under-represents the actual number as it said that one million Britons now live permanently in Spain, suggesting that many british expats have not registered at town hall.

Property experts highlighted a number of reasons for this increase that the Brits love the laidback lifestyle, year-round sunshine and low cost of living in Spain, adding that other "emerging destination" do not have the quality of health care and same family values that Spain offers. A study by Holiday-Rentals and Savills found that Spain is the most popular country among overseas property buyers in Britain as 34 per cent of British-owned foreign residences are located in Spain. This puts it ahead of other European investment hotspots such as France, Portugal and Italy.

Meanwhile, the Office for National Statistics has stated that Spain is currently the most popular European country among British expats.