Friday, February 29, 2008

Almeria, A Spanish Haven

Almeria, Spain is one of the wonders near Mediterranean Sea. This area is famous for its magnificent beaches which have been noted as the best in the whole country. The Spanish Institute for Quality Tourism gave the citation to Los Muertos in Carboneras, Almeria. This is news is welcomed by the owners of properties in the area for it will push up the prevailing prices of real estate in the locality.

Almeria Spain
The municipality of Carboneras in Almeria is not just a place bestowed with beautiful beaches but it is also boast of its historical significance. Monuments dating back to the 16th century are existent like that of the San Andres Castle. It is also a treasure trove of ecological wonders with the Cabo de Gata Natural Park. One of the best feature still is approximately 17 kilometers coastline which includes the highly awarded beach, El Ancon, a regular recipient of the EEC flag.

The top draw is, of, course Los Muertos, an isolated beach frequented by nudists. This place is accessible only by boat or on foot. Other than the recognition from Madrid’s International Exhibition for Tourism, this stretch of beach is in the five best in the world. The tranquil atmosphere of the area is conducive to relaxation. It is also a great place to unwind and have a respite from a stressful and busy lifestyle.

People who visit the place can stay in several guesthouses available in the locality. As such, it is a good place to invest especially for properties which can be rented out to holidaymakers.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spanish Holiday Homes on the Rise

The shift to the "mixed use" trend in real property has caused Spain to grab the lead last year in the list of places for British nationals to acquire holiday homes. This is based on the information given out by

Spain carries on as a lucrative area despite the bad press that it got in the recent years. This strong showing in the market may be attributed to the concept of acquisition of properties for purely investment purposes. The current trend of "mixed-use" simply means that the properties are leased during the months in which the owners are not in residence. This provides them with additional revenue. This arrangement is attractive to those who are on the look-out for long-term investment opportunities.

Last year, the amount of holiday homes listed by saw a thirty eight per cent increase. Furthermore, it was also noted that foreign tourist entry is a hundred per cent more compared with other countries thus proving that it still is a strong contender in the market. It is even believed that more than 70,000 of the visitors opted to stay at private holiday villas or houses in the third quarter last year.

Other factors for Spain's continuing popularity among British tourists and investors include the economical air transportation system plus the adequate number of flights to and from the different points of United Kingdom such as Liverpool and Bournemouth. Its proximity also counts as another reason in addition to its historical appeal and its fair weather.

Some of the popular destinations for holidays in the country include the Canary Islands and Balearics Islands. Yes indeed, Spain, remains a haven for investors.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Diverse Markets for British Investors

British nationals have been migrating to some other countries for some time. Some move to another for employment purposed while others prefer to spend their retirement years in a more leisurely manner. Different packages are presented to these migrants from UK. They are made to choose from two diverse lifestyles in Spain.

There are Britons who would rather mingle with countrymen and other English-speaking expats. Thus, a market has been prepared primarily to suit their needs. Properties for such like minded people are listed by real estate agencies in Spain and most of them are found in the coastal areas. Usually there are golf courses nearby which add to the attraction of these locations.

There also those who would like to experience the Spanish culture to the fullest and have immersed themselves in communities where most of the residents are local people. These communities are usually found farther away from the coast and provide first hand exposure as to how the Spanish people live their lives. British migrants are actual participants in the social dynamics of the place.

At present, one of the most highly recommended location for an investment in real property is the Province of Murcia in Spain. One of the main reasons why this location is deemed to be an "in" place for the acquisition of properties is the recently opened international airport. The other reason is that Murcia tops the real property market with an increase of 10.7% per year. This indicates that even if the prices are down in other parts of Spain, Murcia enjoys a steady increase in prices.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Current trend in the Spanish Real Property Market favors investors

It is a good time to buy properties in Spain now. Why? It is because at present the real property market value has dropped by several per cent. This has been the prevailing condition for the past months and might still be the same in the next few months or so.

The hardest hit are the properties in the communities of Andalusia in the southern part of Spain with the decline in the asking price reaching 2.5 per cent at the starting month of the year 2008. While in the city of Marbella, which is also located in Andalusia, some real properties would even be sold at half of the asking price because of low demand.

Marbella beach in Andalusia, Spain
This general direction of the Spanish real property market in specific places makes it an attractive opportunity for investors who are not out for quick revenue. The marked down properties are considered to be very good deals but will provide the investor with a hefty sum if disposed after a number of years. So for those who are willing to part with their money for a long-term investment, the current situation is ideal.

Acquisition of properties such as those found in Andalusia will prove to be lucrative in the end for the location is quite ideal for holiday makers and even those who might want to spend longer time in the clement weathers of Spain. The current situation may not be advantageous to those who are seeking to sell their properties right now but for investors, this is indeed a good time to purchase.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Moving to Spain - a wise decision for British Retirees

A lot of people work hard for the most part of their lives and the eventual retirement is something that one looks forward to as a time to just sit back and take things easy. In the case of United Kingdom, a big percentage of the retirees are moving out to a country with sunnier climate to live a less frantic life. Spain is an obvious choice for most of these retirees.

Spanish beach

Several factors have been identified as part of the reasons for this trek to Spain. The first is the fact that living in Spain affords the retirees the same quality of life that they enjoyed in their country of origin but at a much more affordable rate.

Another draw is the temperate climate. Retirees can bask on the warmth of the sunshine most part of the year. This is something that they cannot enjoy back in UK. Winter time in UK can be very cold but those who have moved to Spain will not have to contend with the chilly season.

The relatively short travel time between UK and Spain is another reason why British retirees decide to migrate to Spain. Visits to and from the two countries will prove to be more economical and time-efficient. The proximity makes it easier for family and friends to spend holidays with the retirees.

Moving to Spain is a wise decision in terms of investment opportunities and standard of living. These coupled with the good weather make Spain a veritable sanctuary for British retirees.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Spanish properties up for grabs

The Spanish real property market is still lucrative and appealing despite the bad press that it has generated recently. The market value of a number of properties is down and it can be acquired at cheaper prices. For that reason alone, investors are assured of good buys.

But investors should decide wisely on which property to purchase. Indiscriminate buying should be avoided. One should make sure that the property is located in areas which will assure them of a good return of investment. This might include Murcia which has just recently opened an international airport. This develop will help boost the market value of the surrounding properties.

One should also choose properties which will assure them of income for a longer time in a year. This way dependence on holiday makers is avoided. An example of this is properties in towns where universities abound. Properties can be rented out to students in the local universities. An investor should look at the long term benefits rather quick income.

A number of people from UK can surely afford such properties. Listings of Spanish properties on the market may be seen at websites like Homes whose mortgages have been foreclosed or those which are to be sold urgently are found in this listing.

Good deals may be had if one acquires the properties when the prices are down and at present there are some which are 30-60% below the value set by the banks. This bargain properties are purchased soon after it is listed in the site.

For bargain Spanish properties, it is suggested that an investor choose with care but buy in haste.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Why do British Move to Spain?

A large percentage of British nationals have expressed their desire to migrate to the beautiful and warm Spain. There are actually numerous people in Spain who have transferred from the United Kingdom. This migration trend can be attributed to several reasons.

The first reason is the proximity between the two countries. It will be easier to go back and forth if necessary. The travel will also be less costly which makes visits to and from family and friends more affordable.
Murcia Spain

The next reason is the strength of the British currency compared with that of Spain. This means that a paltry amount in UK will be considered substantial if converted to Spanish pesos. People living on a tight budget in UK will be more financially endowed in Spain.

Next is the rising house price. Real properties in UK are getting to be more costly thus the advent to Spain. The country has an abundance of properties up for sale. A wise choice will prove to be lucrative in a few years time. The prices of houses and other properties in Spain are steadily rising so an investment now will earn a tidy revenue in a few years time.

Real properties worth considering are those found in places where there are new development like in Murcia with the opening of its international airport. University towns are also good choices for it caters to the student sector who will lease the houses for a longer duration compared with seasonal holidaymakers.

The last reason are for employment purposes. Job posts are available for British expats who would like to explore a new working environment.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Spanish Law Distresses Property Owners

Spain's efforts to conserve its coastal environment have created diverse reactions from various sectors of the society. Environmentalists lauded the efforts of the government but it has caused undue distress to property owners near the coastline.

The policy, 1988 Coastal Law, requires properties in the proximity of the shores constructed after 1988 to be demolished since it bestows the government. This has encountered much opposition for it encroach numerous privately-owned homes and real estate agencies as well as home owners feel that this has gone too far. Owners of the coastal properties have banded together to dispute the order. It is even feared that legal actions might reach the European Court of Human rights and would prove to be expensive.

It is the contention of most sectors that the said law should not have any retroactive effect. It is said that the law is liable to subjective interpretations due to the ambiguity of its provisions. It is even believed that compensations are not even offered as part of the deal. The grievance will still be brought to the appropriate agencies for resolution and if no satisfactory action is done, then formal charges will be lodged with the European Union versus the Kingdom of Spain.

This is a major issue of concern for those who have properties in Spain but it should not be a cause of panic. Instead, it is recommended that property owners should seek legal advice to make sure that their possessions will not be affected and that all the legalities have been satisfactorily complied.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Lanzarote’s Allure: An Investor’s Dream

Lanzarote boasts of a sun-filled island with an abundant eco-system. This Spanish island, a part of the Canary Islands, enjoys fair weather all throughout the year which attracts foreign and domestic tourists. Of the foreign tourists, the British tops the list and comprise more than half of the total number of tourist entry. This might be because of its proximity to United Kingdom.

The island also has its peak season for domestic visitors. Lanzarote hosts a lot of dignitaries which includes Spain’s Prime Minister Zapatero who often visits. King Carlos himself has a majestic home in the island which is a regularly visited. Celebrities like Omar Sharif, at one time, also had properties in the island.

Holiday goers troop to this island because of the magnificence of its natural resources and the perpetual sunshine. Despite the sunny weather, the level of humidity is just right. These reasons were enough for tourists as well as investors to consider the island worthy of their money.

Investors who are on the look-out for a wise real estate acquisition in Spain may well consider Lanzarote. The prevailing price of the properties in the island is quite high compared with other locations all over the country. This is due to the tight control that is enforced by the government on the construction of the buildings, homes and other edifices as well as the limited number of properties up for sale. Another plus factor for investors is that they can lease out their properties for longer period of time.

Lanzarote is indeed a place to venture to for holiday or for a worthwhile investment.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Get good deals on Spanish Properties

Spanish property owners are in a quandary over the decreasing prices of real estates. This can be traced to several factors including the policies set by the government regarding restrictions on the infrastructures near the coastlines. The negative publicity from the media has also exacerbated the situation which has lead to the closure of some agencies and the lowering of the prices.

There is also the fact that there are many properties built in some locations and that most of those were very similar in appearance which furthered decreased its value. Those who were direly affected were those who purchased the properties when it had a higher market value. Even the prices of villas are on a downhill even if it is not as numerous as apartments. But since the permits for the construction of villas and other detached properties are being limited, there is the big possibility of its value going up in the near future.

This does not mean though that the real estate market in not profitable. It still is. The only thing is that the investor must choose carefully on which to put place his money. He must check all the legalities to ensure that it has complied with all requirements. A tidy revenue can be made if one invests now that properties are at a cheaper price.

It has to be remembered, too, Spain is still a top contender in the real estate business. It is accessible to United Kingdom and if a notable real estate company makes representation, then the legalities are usually attended by them. It is projected that there will be an upsurge in the value in the next two years.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Market Potentials of Spain

Spain used to be a prime location for the real property market but is said to be a dwindling industry. That contention is still debatable. Though there are emerging markets in other countries, investment in this historic country can still prove to be profitable.

A prospective investor has just to be very discriminating when it comes to the properties that they choose to purchase. Gone are the days when buyers would randomly acquire lots along the coastline in the hope of getting quick revenue. The trend is now changing. Long term investments are recommended. Spain has demonstrated a steady increase in the prices of houses at approximately 3.95% in the last four decades trailing behind UK. So an acquisition now will have a much higher return of investment after a few years.

One has to weigh the potentials of the location which are being considered. In Spain, one location worthy of deliberation is Murcia. The fact that a new international airport has just become operational means that the prices of the properties in the surrounding areas are going to soar in the near future. Another would be those where universities are located and where the buy-to-let are options available for students.

Time is also of essence. Enough time should be given in looking for a real property to get. One should not be too hasty and should check a lot of options before finally deciding on a certain lot. Investing in Spanish properties now will prove to be lucrative in a few years time.

Investing wisely in Spain calls for proper timing, choice location, and the willingness to wait for the not so rapid but steady rise of prices of real properties.