Sunday, December 21, 2008

Expats praise Spanish natural attractions and hospitality

Spain's natural attractions and hospitality has been praised by two British expatriates and have spoken positively about their relocation to Spain.

Kerry and Pete Pipkin moved to Valencia, Spain in 2007. The couple, speaking to the Sun, said that they had enjoyed a "brilliant" life since they moved from a terraced house in Buckinghamshire, UK and in their area to a 500-year-old house set in a tiny village of only 14 properties. They said that there is virtually no crime, noise or pollution in their area.

Kerry said that the way of life in Valencia reminds him UK of 1950. He added that night sky is breathtaking, no stress, no crime, wonderful fresh food, local wine - at ten Euros for ten liters - friendly neighbors . Kerry commented: "We are so glad that we ended up here as the people, climate and wildlife are fantastic." However, she added that the way of life was not for people who dislike creepy crawlies, as the couple are used to seeing beetles and centipedes. Other wildlife in the area includes vultures, bats and golden eagles

The publication also highlighted about the temperatures in Valencia which was cool enough for people to feel comfortable exploring the region, while still remaining "delightfully warm". Other attractions were also flagged up by the newspaper, such as its nightlife and shopping facilities.

In related news, The Bupa International survey found that expats in Spain reported the highest levels of improved health compared to those in other countries.