Tuesday, July 15, 2008

World's best nightlife culture is in Spain

Spain is described as the "overall hotspot" for European holidaymakers and overseas property investors in Spain are benefiting from an increase in the number of tourists.

Statistics cited by Reuters showed that 59.7 million leisure travelers visited Spain during 2007 which is 2.2 per cent more than the previous year. Jose Luis Zoreda, executive vice president of Exceltur has predicted further increase and added that 60.7 million tourists will be visiting Spain in 2008. This indicates that strong demand for rental accommodation thus boosting the potential for overseas property owners to get strong returns on their investment.

Research by FutureBrand found that tourists from other countries are visiting Spain for its "pulsating" nightlife. Major cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia are found to be highly rated by consumers because it met all the criteria outlined in the survey, such as affordability, good quality accommodation and good selection of clubs, pubs, discotheques and bars.

Nightlife in Spain is quite exciting and lively with people rocking and rolling at the night clubs and discotheques. The best part of Spanish nightlife is that it not only refer to boozing and partying in the bars but nightlife also refers to people go out for a dinner with their families, hang out and enjoying with fun, food and drink coffees and Sangria at the road side cafes till the dawn.

Enrique Ruiz de Lera, director of the National Tourist Office has stated that he is very much pleased with the poll verdict. Spain's high-class leisure attractions, good quality housing, services and amenities are continuing to attract overseas property buyers.