Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Spanish tourism officials out to woo Indian tourists

The Spanish government tourist officials are keen to attract more holidaymakers from India. Marketing campaign specifically aimed at Indian consumers is underway.

The National Tourist Office (NTO) of Spain has revealed that it wants to increase the number of Indian consumers visiting Spain. Enrique Ruiz e Lera, spokesperson for the NTO, stated that 55,000 Indian holidaymakers visited Spain in 2007 which has actually doubled from 26,000 visitors in 2005.

Mr Ruiz e Lera said the tourist numbers is not important to NTO and it has different priorities. NTO has aims to attract high-end Indian travelers who have "sophisticated" tastes and have outlined their intention to attract affluent visitors to the region.

Joan Gaspart, president of the executive committee of Turisme de Barcelona held in 2005 in New Delhi, has said that talks with airline companies to begin direct flights from India to Barcelona and to endorse the city as a stopover destination for connecting flights to USA and other European destinations are in progress.

This means that Spain could potentially see an influx of extra holidaymakers in the near future. This is likely to be welcomed by owners of rental accommodations in popular tourist areas, as it will lead to more demand for their services.

Government's official data revealed that the country attracted a total of 59.2 million foreign travelers last year. Spain is regarded as Europe's most popular short-break destination and this entices holiday home buyers and rental investors to consider making a purchase in the country.