Friday, May 16, 2008

New research reveals Spain as Top Retirement Destination

The TypicallySpanish website revealed the official figures from the National Statistics Institute that more than 4 million expatriates now legally reside in the country full-time. According to the official statistics, nearly two-thirds of expats are based in Madrid, Valencia, Catalonia and Andalusia.

Spain - retirment destination

About four in ten people are said to come from countries in the European Union.
More than 2 lakh people from the UK are found now to be living in Spain. On the other hand, one in three expatriates is from Latin America, while a fifth of foreign residents are from Africa.

Recent study by Currencies Direct has showed that Spain is the most popular destination for Britons who want to retire to the sun. Mark O'Sullivan of Currencies Direct commented on Spain's popularity saying that the country has a lot to offer, including a plenty of expat communities.

The popularity of Spain as a retirement location is said to be largely because it offers several lifestyle attractions that are extremely favorable to a relaxing and pleasant retirement particularly it offers hot and sunny weather for most of the year, unlike the UK. Besides, it highlighted for its high living standards in relatively low cost of living and for its laidback lifestyle.
Analysts at has stated that Spain is also highly accessible from the UK, thereby allowing retirees to stay in easy reach of friends and family back home.

This comes after the recent research by NatWest which found that Spain is rated particularly highly by expatriates, with nearly nine out of ten respondents saying that they feel healthier after the relocation.