Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spanish slopes ideal for investment

Spain has an excellent climate and lifestyle and easily accessible from British Isles so it's easy to see why thousands of people buy property in Spain each year. Property in Spain is a safe long term investment which can offer you high capital appreciation and good rental yields for overseas investors. With prices as low as €120k for a 2 bed apt on ski resorts, buying property in Spain is more affordable than one might think. Spanish ski resorts and chalets are now gaining more recognition among property investors, compared to many other European countries.

Baqueira-Beret ski resort
Baqueira-Beret, Spain's largest ski resort founded in 1964, offers plenty of terrain, and a singular cross-cultural experience as it is found in between France and Spain. It's located in the Val d'ArĂ¡n valley. After Victoria beckham was pictured here it became popular among brits. Spanish royal family also owns a chalet in Baqueira-beret. The property here is cheaper with high rental returns.

 Sierra Nevada ski resort
The Sierra Nevada ski resort is the most attractive to Brits as there are opportunities for year-round rentals. The resort is only 32 kilometers from Granada .The resort is growing in popularity every year; over the last years there is increase in number of British due to the introduction of direct flights to Granada. The guaranteed sunshine, some of the best spring conditions in Europe, a long season and the fact that it is reasonably well priced has gone well with British investors

Resorts in Alpujarras, Lecrin Valley are also in the pipeline. Three-bed apartment for €120 k is a reality in this area and there is a growing expat community in this area. The Use of property throughout the summer for rental returns all round the year increases the influx of investors.

Costa Verde in the north of Spain is also an emerging property hotspot. . It is surrounded by the pristine beaches, sandy coastline and interesting architecture. Next to this you can enjoy the waters of the Cantabrian Sea. Property in Costa Verde can be a great choice, because it's not yet overwhelmed by tourists so investors can get it cheaper. Costa Verde is characterized by mild winters and a temperate climate and has high potential to develop as tourist spot as visitors are increasing every year and an ideal place for year round rentals.