Monday, February 18, 2008

Why do British Move to Spain?

A large percentage of British nationals have expressed their desire to migrate to the beautiful and warm Spain. There are actually numerous people in Spain who have transferred from the United Kingdom. This migration trend can be attributed to several reasons.

The first reason is the proximity between the two countries. It will be easier to go back and forth if necessary. The travel will also be less costly which makes visits to and from family and friends more affordable.
Murcia Spain

The next reason is the strength of the British currency compared with that of Spain. This means that a paltry amount in UK will be considered substantial if converted to Spanish pesos. People living on a tight budget in UK will be more financially endowed in Spain.

Next is the rising house price. Real properties in UK are getting to be more costly thus the advent to Spain. The country has an abundance of properties up for sale. A wise choice will prove to be lucrative in a few years time. The prices of houses and other properties in Spain are steadily rising so an investment now will earn a tidy revenue in a few years time.

Real properties worth considering are those found in places where there are new development like in Murcia with the opening of its international airport. University towns are also good choices for it caters to the student sector who will lease the houses for a longer duration compared with seasonal holidaymakers.

The last reason are for employment purposes. Job posts are available for British expats who would like to explore a new working environment.