Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spanish Holiday Homes on the Rise

The shift to the "mixed use" trend in real property has caused Spain to grab the lead last year in the list of places for British nationals to acquire holiday homes. This is based on the information given out by

Spain carries on as a lucrative area despite the bad press that it got in the recent years. This strong showing in the market may be attributed to the concept of acquisition of properties for purely investment purposes. The current trend of "mixed-use" simply means that the properties are leased during the months in which the owners are not in residence. This provides them with additional revenue. This arrangement is attractive to those who are on the look-out for long-term investment opportunities.

Last year, the amount of holiday homes listed by saw a thirty eight per cent increase. Furthermore, it was also noted that foreign tourist entry is a hundred per cent more compared with other countries thus proving that it still is a strong contender in the market. It is even believed that more than 70,000 of the visitors opted to stay at private holiday villas or houses in the third quarter last year.

Other factors for Spain's continuing popularity among British tourists and investors include the economical air transportation system plus the adequate number of flights to and from the different points of United Kingdom such as Liverpool and Bournemouth. Its proximity also counts as another reason in addition to its historical appeal and its fair weather.

Some of the popular destinations for holidays in the country include the Canary Islands and Balearics Islands. Yes indeed, Spain, remains a haven for investors.