Friday, February 29, 2008

Almeria, A Spanish Haven

Almeria, Spain is one of the wonders near Mediterranean Sea. This area is famous for its magnificent beaches which have been noted as the best in the whole country. The Spanish Institute for Quality Tourism gave the citation to Los Muertos in Carboneras, Almeria. This is news is welcomed by the owners of properties in the area for it will push up the prevailing prices of real estate in the locality.

Almeria Spain
The municipality of Carboneras in Almeria is not just a place bestowed with beautiful beaches but it is also boast of its historical significance. Monuments dating back to the 16th century are existent like that of the San Andres Castle. It is also a treasure trove of ecological wonders with the Cabo de Gata Natural Park. One of the best feature still is approximately 17 kilometers coastline which includes the highly awarded beach, El Ancon, a regular recipient of the EEC flag.

The top draw is, of, course Los Muertos, an isolated beach frequented by nudists. This place is accessible only by boat or on foot. Other than the recognition from Madrid’s International Exhibition for Tourism, this stretch of beach is in the five best in the world. The tranquil atmosphere of the area is conducive to relaxation. It is also a great place to unwind and have a respite from a stressful and busy lifestyle.

People who visit the place can stay in several guesthouses available in the locality. As such, it is a good place to invest especially for properties which can be rented out to holidaymakers.